Politi"Fact" lies again

More lies from so-called "PolitiFact" (a project of a St. Petersburg newspaper that endorsed Obama.) In a newspaper op/ed, Allen cites statistics showing Obama's policies will create a long-term debt of $16.6 trillion.

So-called "PolitiFact" declares Allen's op/ed a "lie" by telling readers Allen was referring to the current debt.

It is PolitiFact that is lying. Yet again.

Allen's column refers to Obama's debt in the long-term, pointing to an "ascending trajectory," and makes references to host of other long-term Obama policies. The entire column was about voters rejected where Obama is leading us, not just where he are right now.

Someone needs to call out so-called "PolitiFact" for a long and repeated history of falsely declaring things to be a "lie" in a bid to defend the Democrat president their parent paper endorsed.