Norman LeBoon, and those who cry 'arrest my political opponents for...something'

The same liberals who demanded Sarah Palin be arrested for inciting violence seem to be silent about the conviction of Norman LeBoon, a Philadelphia man who posted an online video in which he threatened to kill Rep. Eric Cantor.

LeBoon donated to Barack Obama after Obama traveled to Phildelphia and told local Dems assembled at a June 14, 2008 rally "If they (Republicans) bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun...Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl."

Six days later LeBoon donated $250 to Obama, followed by a $255 contribution the next day.

Did Obama incite LeBoon to violence?

No.  Obama is in no way responsible or related.  Additionally free speech is unalienable in this country, a protection from government aggression with its roots in political expression.

But the connection is notable, as liberals exploited the tragic shooting of Rep. Danielle Giffords to demand those with differing political opinions be rounded up and arrested.  They could at least be intellectually honest and consistent.

MSNBC to host special. "Black America, And What We Think It Might Look Like."

Not only does MSNBC lecture you on race using an all-white prime time lineup, tomorrow's special on "Black America" is hosted by a white guy.

At this point I'm convinced GE has mastered time travel and MSNBC is produced from a 1950s country club.

And which white guy was tapped by MSNBC to lecture black Americans?  Bill Clinton?  Author adn Jackie Robinson teammate Carl Erskine?

Ed Schultz. 

The guy who said "Hogan's Heros" character Sargent Schultz was racist against Germans and defiantly, pointedly defined racism as asking someone to pay five percent into their retirement investment portfolio.

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Wash. Post writer claims taxpayer-funded abortions provide important service -- exterminating the poor

Lori Ziganto at RedState points us to a shameful, disgusting article in The Washington Post by Ezra Klein, in which Klein actually claims a government program of eugenics against the poor is of compelling national interest.

In a tirade defending taxpayer-funded abortion liberal Klein writes:

"The services Planned Parenthood provides save the federal government a lot of money. It’s somewhat cold to put it in these terms, but taxpayers end up bearing a lot of the expense for unintended pregnancies among people without the means to care for their children."

Yes, the same liberals who claim on Election Day to be compassionate advocates of the poor publicly write in national papers the government should support a national program focusing on exterminating the poor.

And who are primarily the "people without the means to care for their children?"  An audit of New York's clinics, for example, finds 49.8 percent are black.  Other pro-aborts have dropped the euphemisms entirely and openly (and falsely) credited the long-term decline seen in violent crime to Planned Parenthood's strategy of focusing on performing abortions in inner cities.

So, Klein believes the federal government should engage in a campaign of targeted eugenics against people who consume lots of services. 

Keep that in mind next time Klein writes government-run health care in the United States won't do what it does in every other country -- terminate care to demographic populations who consume a lot of health care (usually the elderly and minorities,) threatening access to care for larger numbers of voters.

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Pelosi blows off budget negotiations to deliver a speech. About herself.

For some Democrats, keeping the government spending pipeline gushing was so important they were willing to go on national television and claim millions of seniors, children and women would die in the streets if non-essential government workers had to turn in their BlackBerrys during a temporary paid furlough.

But former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to focus all her attention on a far more important issue.

Pelosi skipped town Friday and blew off budget negotiations so as not to distract her from the momentous task of flying to Boston to give a speech. 

About herself.

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is delivering the inaugural Alan D. Solomont Lecture at Tufts University today.  The California Democrat, who served as the first female speaker of the House, planned to reflect on her career and the importance of public service during a 2 p.m. address in the school's Cohen Auditorium," The Boston Globe reports.

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