Tonight's Awful Movie: "They Came From Beyond Space"

In this 1967 British turkey, meteors bombard the English countryside...
...Meteors populated by aliens who use mind control possess the brains of the townspeople!

It's up to a scientist with a plate in his head, and a man with a helmet made of melted-down cricket trophies to stop them.

It's based on a goofy 1964 sci-fi novel about aliens taking over Kansas.
Strangely enough, director Freddie Francis went on to win two Academy Awards for cinematography, including one for "Glory."

Judge declares ObamaCare mandate unconstitutional

So where does that leave Obama?

From here ObamaCare will be appealed to the Supreme Court, where it at first blush looks to be doomed to a 5-4 defeat of its individual mandate.

Without the individual mandate forcing Americans to buy insurance against their will to finance a system where insurers are forced against their will to provide coverage to everyone, the ObamaCare system collapses.

That leaves Obama with two options.

First, repeal the mandatory coverage requirements to save the entire health care system from financial ruin, leaving Obama with virtually no achievements on health care.

Even worse, he forced many Democrats to walk the political plank, handing control of the House and a larger Senate caucus for a bill that ended up overturned by a federal judge and repealed by Congress.

In other words, he destroyed the Democrat Party and got nothing in return.

The other option -- force a vote on single-payer.

Congress won't approve it, and even worse for him he'll force Democrats to take a vote they'll pay for later.

In other words, he destroys the Democrat Party even further, and gets nothing in return.

Perhaps now he's realizing why Democrats simply talked about socializing the health care system to whip up their base, instead of actually plunging their hands into that tar baby of socialist failure.