Any more irony and Justin Ruben will suffer liver failure sent a professional e-mail to their list Sunday morning instructing liberals on how to blame the Tea Party for the downgrade.   No actual facts, statistics or numbers were provided, just a link to a snarky graphic.

They then got back to claiming the Tea Party should be dismissed because it's a well-funded centralized organization comprised of people who just repeat talking points that were sent to them from a main office.

Democrats cheer London riots and arson, call for U.S. violence

At its heart liberalism is a virulently hate-filled cult that believes mayhem and violence are perfectly acceptable forms of "social justice."

Let Democrats explain their violent tendencies and their steadfast belief arson and assault are useful tools of political expression in these posts from Democratic Underground.

London riots: Twitter users face arrest for inciting looters

GillesDeleuze: "Defenders of private property love to equate it [burning down your home] with human suffering      The tweets were about protest action. If it offends you as much as the police, id say you have some interesting allies."

saras: "Destroying property is often justified..."

Rioting Again in London - Hackney this time

GillesDeleuze: "Support the London Looters!"

Police Cars Attacked After Tottenham Shooting

LetTimmySmoke: "The brits put in austerity a year ago, and now they're seeing the effects."

russspeakeasy: "sounds reasonable to me..."
With the unrest in London, is it time

socialist_n_TN: "With the unrest in London, is it time for the political wing to take advantage and call for a general strike and further political demonstrations? Although it looks like a lot of this is "criminality" (surface only analysis and only for some), there are political elements to it already. Sometimes it pays to take advantage of what you're given. "

readmoreoften: "The political alchemy is a revolutionary vanguard capable of organizing the strike.  There are certainly people already on the scene who are large enough to fulfill this function. The SWP, for one. Organizers and agitators with a unified plan will be what's needed soon. I suspect it'll take awhile."

nomb: "The local neighborhood leadership has almost entirely shifted the focus to criminal elements.      Reports are starting to build that Social Networking caused an almost "Warriors" movie type of gathering by usually antagonistic gangs from all over London to come and riot/loot.  I'm afraid this teaching moment is lost all ready."

Have you heard people you wouldn't expect talking about a revolution?

OffWithTheirHeads: "not yet, They are still too comfortable      I on the other hand, while still comfortable, would like to see some heads chopped off.

I guess its hard to get turnout numbers down in a bunker

Dems are claiming they lost in 2010 only because turnout was lower than usual, especially among Democrats.

That's a lie.

Not only was turnout 1.2% higher than the 2006 election they won, partisan identification was virtually identical.

They lost because they turned independents against them.

'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.'

Democrats spent 2009 screaming Tea Partiers were "racist."

Democrat poll numbers dropped.  They lost governorships in New Jersey and Virginia, Barack Obama's own U.S. Senate seat and Ted Kennedy's U.S. Senate seat in indigo-blue Massachusetts.

Democrats spent 2010 screaming Tea Partiers were "presidential assassins."

Democrat poll numbers dropped even lower. They lost six governors, a record 680 state legislative seats, six U.S. Senate seats and 63 U.S. House seats, the biggest midterm House loss in 72 years.

Democrats are now spending 2011 screaming Tea Partiers are "terrorists."

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