Arizona 'Neo-Nazi' shooter a registered Democrat who praised Obama

JT Ready was a Democrat candidate for Pinal County Sheriff.
Well whaddaya know? The Arizona shooter the media claim is Republican? 

He's in fact a registered Democrat who praised Obama.

From none other than the Talking Points Memo just a few months ago.
"But elections records show he switched parties Jan. 13 and plans to run as a Democrat.

"He told TPM on Monday that he respects the Democratic Party’s history, saying it was the party that brought about Jim Crow laws and Alabama’s segregationist Gov. George Wallace. He said he also has a problem with tough-talking Republican sheriffs like Joe Arpaio and Babeu.

"All these, quote, border hero sheriffs — they sit there blaming the president while they’re not doing everything they can do,' Ready said.

"Obama is 'definitely not perfect in my book,' he added, but the Democratic president has sent more troops to the border and deported more immigrants than the sheriffs could ever hope to.

"Ready said he’s no longer a member of the National Socialist Movement..."

(HT Brooks Bayne)