Oops: DNC's 2012 convention theme is Communist party slogan

From this morning's Washington Post:

"President Barack Obama's selection of this Southern city [Charlotte, N.C.] for the 2012 Democratic convention signals he will try to reassemble his diverse coalition of 2008 supporters and fight for the conservative-leaning states that helped him win the White House...The convention's apparent theme - The People's Convention - indicates that the president will try to rekindle the grass-roots flavor of his groundbreaking 2008 bid."

I thought the term "The People's Convention" sounded vaguely familiar. There's good reason why:

* "The People's Convention" Party is a socialist former political party in Ghana, that merged with others to become the Convention People's Party, which advocates socialist revolution.

* "The People's Convention" was also a revolutionary government proposed by U.K. socialists in the 1940s to overthrow Parliament. The idea of "The People's Convention" was so radical even the Communist Party of Great Britain refused to support it.

* Today "The People's Convention" is a radical protest group promoted by The Socialist Worker, which bills itself "A Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Paper In Britain."

* And, ironically, "The People's Convention" was the name of a mass protest organized by a coalition of 70 communist and socialist community organizations to picket the 2000 Democrat National Convention for not being liberal enough.


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  1. What'a ya expect?? His State of the Union thems was WTF????