We need lose only 40 more jobs for recovery to begin

Democrats often say a rising unemployment rate, defined as those in the labor force looking for work, is a sign of Obama's success, as it means people are optimistic and are re-entering the labor force.

Let's assume a rising, or in the current case stagnant, unemployment rate is a sign of faith in Obama's economic prowess.

If you then include those who have given up looking for work or cannot find full-time employment, which would decline if the Democrat theory were true, the nation's unemployment rate increased to 16.9 percent last month, despite what is supposed to be the most robust job growth in three years (inflated with temporary government paychecks.)

And why are White House economists floating stories that unemployment will stay around nine percent, or higher, for a long time?

For one, to lower expectations for a president whose done a wonderful job of that anyway.

And second, to prepare people for the spike in unemployment that will follow the massive increase in costs to employers posed by ObamaCare, forcing them to lay off even more workers or delay hiring to make up the costs.

And that's before you get to the billions of dollars heaped on employers in even more taxes should Obama succeed in ramming his national carbon tax program down the throats of an unwilling American people.

Recovery will come, as it always has. The question is when, and to what extent it should have occurred already.

The employment situation is bleak and recovery that should have occurred months ago will be delayed further because of White House policies bent on punishing employment activity.