Hail...Suspenseful Loss

Maybe Snyder and Shanahan are on to something.

According to analysis by The Wall Street Journal the NFL's second most exciting team this season was the Redskins.

Statistics company Thuuz created a metric measuring factors such as pace, parity and strange or rare plays like flea-flickers and fake punts, and processed it through an algorithm.

"The season-long prizefight between head coach Mike Shanahan and defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth—coupled with Mr. Shanahan's conflict with quarterback Donovan McNabb—certainly made the team exciting off the field. Turns out they provided plenty of fireworks on it, too. The 6-10 'Skins played in 12 games decided by six points or less and went to overtime four times, including a 30-27 loss to the Texans," the Journal reports.

All excitement aside, I'd rather suffer through a boring Redskins Super Bowl run.