Ask Stephen Takach to stop the sleaze

Now Stephen Takach's campaign is using fake female Twitter spambots (girls showing cleavage, girls showing legs, names like "CuteModel") to spam out the liberal Houston Chronicle's attack on Steve Stockman and support of him.

Using what are practically p-rnobots to send out sleazy stories is beneath his dignity.

New Stockman billboard

New low: Stephen Takach doctors photo of Dr. James Dobson for personal attacks

If you've seen Stephen Takach's personal attack mailings, that have a phony map falsifying the location of Congressman Steve Stockman's home, you probably noticed his photo of Stockman appears to be doctored.

It is. Takach blacked out Christian leader Dr. James Dobson so you couldn't see him visiting with Stockman, and then used the doctored photo to accuse others of deception.

Fake maps? Fake photos? Fake Twitter accounts? Where does it end?

13 year old girl schools liberal newspaper

Dear Editor,

When I received this week’s edition of the Silsbee Bee, I saw the article, “Candidates give views before runoff elections”.

First of all, anybody can clearly discern that the author of this contribution is in strong favor of Stephen Takach. It is shocking that your newspaper ever allowed such an extremely outright bias in a front-page story, when it should only have been permitted in an editorial.
However, what disturbed me to the greatest degree was the shameless slander about Steve Stockman used in lieu of facts. In the article, the author attacks Mr. Stockman on trivial personal matters, such as: the location of his house, the “re-elect” on his signs, and which parts of our district he previously represented.

Seriously, if you want to attack Congressman Stockman, can’t you find anything wrong with his positions on the issues? No, you can’t, because true Republican, conservative, Christians can’t find anything, within reason, wrong with his agenda. On the other hand, Stephen Takach has twisted policies- he thinks that government and small businesses should work together. Steve Stockman believes that government should get off the backs of small business, and I agree.

Also, on the personal matters, I will note that Mr. Stockman lives about two miles from the district lines. Was he supposed to purchase a new house and create thousands of dollars of debt, only to have the district redrawn in another two or three years? If you do a small bit of research, you’ll discover that “re-elect” is the correct term. It makes plenty of sense that if he was elected once, the second time he is elected, he is “re-elected”. And for this district: nobody has represented it in its current form. Nobody has represented the entire new district, but Mr. Stockman has represented parts of it. So, it’s obvious that complaining about how he wasn’t in congress on behalf of this district is foolish. By the way, have you ever noticed that Takach has NO political experience whatsoever? He states that his entire political career has consisted of serving on the board of a Homeowner’s Association. Also, he’s only voted in two Republican primaries. Along with Barack Hussein Obama and Sheila Jackson Lee, Mr. Takach has now been endorsed by the Houston Chronicle, and apparently the Silsbee Bee.

Congressman Stockman has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. For the pro-life cause, the National Pro-Life Alliance has endorsed him.

Takach, on the contrary, only has local borderline Republicans, RINO’s, and would-be politicians for his endorsements. Also, if he thinks he looks pro-2nd Amendment in his pictures, he must try not to lock his elbows. I’ve never shot a gun in my life and I know not to do that! He’s a pitiful political pushover, and it’s embarrassing that he actually calls himself a conservative, and that so many of our citizens are believing it.