These Loudoun Board candidates are hiding. Ask them to return their ATP surveys.

The following candidates for Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, all of them recipients of Gang Green cash and advocates of the Chesapeake Bay Property Control Plan to tax and regulate your home property and business, refuse to share their opinions on issues effecting Loudoun families, farmers and job creators.

Ask them to return their American Tradition Partnership Candidate Issue Surveys in 100% support of farmers, job creators, property owners, taxpayers and families.

Jim Burton
BROAD RUNAndrea McGimsey703-430-7024
LEESBURGKelly Burk703-779-0035
STERLINGAlfonso Nevarez703-531-7909
CATOCTINMalcolm Baldwin540-822-4236
ALGONKIANDenise Pierce703-450-4260
DULLESLarry Roeder703-867-2056
ASHBURNValdis Ronis703-655-5333