Wisconsin's plush government retirement funds

Koch Industries has replaced Karl Rove as the reflexive boogeyman at the center of whatever looney conspiracy theory liberals are muttering about at any given moment.

But as Wisconsin's government union bosses go to even greater lengths to slander the Kochs in their fight to preserve government's ability to organize against its citizens, who exactly pocketing big Koch money? Republican Governor Scott Walker, or the government unions?

Surprise! It's the government unions engaging in vulgar, racist and increasingly violent demonstrations.

$5.5 million of the state's government employee retirement funds are invested in the stock of just one Koch company, Georgia Pacific.

The $5.5 million they currently stand to pocket from the Kochs beats out the $43,000 Walker's campaign got from them by a 128-to-1 margin.

Yes, the same government employees who are going all tin-foil hat over the Kochs apparently think highly enough of them to sink have a huge chunk of their plush retirement funds invested in Koch stock.

If were the Kochs I'd grant the government unions' wishes to get Koch money out of the state by blocking payments into their retirement funds.

What do most polls mean? Nothing.

I love the media reaction to polls of "adults" as though they mean something. First, at least 30 percent aren't even registered to vote. Of those that are, half don't even bother voting. Even fewer in most mid-terms.

So right off the bat in a poll of adults 65 percent of the sample aren't going to show up on Election Day, so they can't even do anything about their opinion.

But 35 percent of your sample vote. That means something, right?


Of that 35 percent, about a third are going to automatically inclined vote for you because of party label and a third will automatically inclined to vote against you for the same reason.

So in reality, when the media poll "adults" only about 12 percent of them actually affect an election.

That's why, whenever possible, I cite the portion of the poll measuring the opinions of unaffiliated likely voters. THAT'S where the meat is.

When you see a news article bleating you can't do the right thing because a poll of "adults" or even "registered voters" disagrees, toss it in the trash.


General Houston's March 2, 1836 broadside

"War is raging on the frontiers. Bejar is besieged by two thousand of the enemy, under the command of general Siezma. Reinforcements are on their march, to unite with the besieging army. By the last report, our force in Bejar was only one hundred and fifty men strong. The citizens of Texas must rally to the aid of our army, or it will perish. Let the citizens of the East march to the combat. The enemy must be driven from our soil, or desolution will accompany their march upon us. Independence is declared, it must be maintained. Immediate action, united with valor, alone can achieve the great work. The services of all are forthwith required in the field.
Commander-in-Chief of the Army.
P.S. It is rumored that the enemy are on their march to Gonzales, and that they have entered the colonies. The fate of Bejar is unknown. The country must and shall be defended. The patriots of Texas are appealed to, in behalf of their bleeding country.