Revoke his Texas citizenship and deport him to Massachusetts.

Some guy texting in a Texas movie theater calls police and has a woman cited for assault after she taps him on the shoulder and asks him to stop.

He's just lucky it wasn't this lady.

Miss you, Governor.

We don't need John Boehner. We need Tony Horton.

Your doctor tells you that you are morbidly obese and gaining weight rapidly.  You must lose weight or you will die. 

You tell him you're planning to lose two percent of your still-increasing weight, but no promises. 

Problem solved?  Congress seems to think so.

"Yes, Prime Minister" dares to suggest innovation in government-monopolized education

Hate speech!

Ezra Klein manages to get even dumber

Ezra Klein is literally too stupid to write for any paper.

In today's Washington Post he says Obama can solve our debt problem by ordering the government to mint two $1 trillion coins and use those to pay the debt.

Yeah, that worked out great for Zimbabwe.

This is the same guy who said tax funds for Planned Parenthood were a sound investment because PP focuses most of its abortions on inner-city blacks, who consume a lot of government services.

I like a liberal columnist who can write, like Molly Ivins or Nat Hentoff, but Klein isn't just liberal, he's an idiot.

The dream team?

So the Democrats' leading voices on the debt issue are a man who thinks "cowboy poetry" is a wise use of tax funds, a woman who flat-out stated life on the planet would cease to exist if the bill passes, a woman who claims the GOP has a secret plan to kill all the nation's women and a man who has no plan of his own despite the fact he's the president.

They're doomed.

Benedictine Monks Win 'Casket Cartel' Case