41% of Penn. voters say Obama made economy worse

The latest Muhlenberg College poll of registered voters finds President Barack Obama's approval rating in Pennsylvania has plummeted to just 35 percent.  Obama won the state by 10 points in 2008.

"Asked if Obama's policies have helped or hurt the economy, just 23 percent said helped, 41 percent said hurt and 32 percent said his policies haven't made a difference," the Allentown Morning Call reports (emphasis added.)

But all is not lost.

"If there is any silver lining in the poll for Obama, it's that 31% of Pennsylvanians say their vote in November 2012 will depend on who the Republican candidate is. And Obama still slightly edges out an anonymous GOP contender 36 percent to 31%,"  The Morning Call reports.

Yes, more than two-thirds of voters have essentially already made up their minds and the sitting president gets just 36 percent of the vote against an anonymous contender -- and that's the good news.

Great comment left on 'The Economist's' Facebook page

(From a posting of an Economist story on the Iowa straw poll)

"those with small but devoted followings, such as Ron Paul, a libertarian from Texas" - so small a following his son is now Senator from Kentucky, so fringe he predicted the economic collapse and explained it from the Austrian economics perspective, so marginal he was godfather of the Tea Party, so out-of-touch with mainstream America he is the only anti-war, non-interventionist candidate thus reflecting the wishes of the majority of Americans exhausted from wasted decades of Empire, so protective of Liberty he voted against the Patriot Act and fights for our diminished civil liberties. Could be Ron Paul will surprise since his message actually resonates? (Michael B Libenson)

More 'green' waste. $367K in deficit spending to create each job.

700 Ohio "green" jobs lost as stimulus funds run out.  $267 million that is.  Liberals shrieking this is proof the "stimulus" created jobs, but they make sure to leave out the math.  700 jobs at $267 million works out to $367,429 in deficit spending per job. 

They don't care about creating jobs, they care about laundering tax dollars through government unions to fatten Democrats' campaign accounts.