Dems vow to push carbon tax if they still control Senate

Dear patriot:

According to Harry Reid -- Cap and Tax is back!

At a conference full of radical environmentalists last week in Las Vegas, Harry Reid vowed to bring Cap and Tax to the floor for a vote if Democrats maintain their majority in the Senate this November.

That’s why the four U.S. Senate races that could  determine whether or not Harry Reid and his cronies maintain control of the Senate are so important.

And that’s why I’m counting on the generous support of folks like you to help ATP continue to mobilize public opposition against the radical environmentalists in the key states where U.S. Senate races are taking place.

You see, Harry Reid declaring to bring Cap and Tax to the floor for a vote only proves how beholden to the  radical environmentalists the Big Government left really are.

Remember, in 2010, 53 Congressmen went down to defeat  after voting for Cap and Tax.

But Senator Reid and his pals are only concerned with pleasing Al Gore’s corporate cronies who enrich themselves at the expense of hard-working Americans.

In fact, Harry Reid even ridiculed folks like you who don’t buy into to their phony “science” and “Global Warming” hysteria as being out of touch with reality.

A large majority of people finally believe climate change is real, and that it is the cause of extreme weather. Yet despite having overwhelming evidence and public opinion on our side, deniers still exist, fueled and funded by dirty energy profits. These people aren't just on the other side of this debate. They're on the other side of reality.

The good news is, ATP is preparing to give Senator Reid and the radical environmentalists a reality check.

The 2010 elections proved that the overwhelming majority of the American people are opposed to Cap and Tax and the radical environmentalists’ job-destroying agenda.

So if Harry Reid and his Big Government pals want to try to shove Cap and Tax down the throats of the American people -- there will be a severe political price to pay in November.

That’s why ATP is busy mobilizing public opposition to the radical environmentalists in many of the key states where critical U.S. Senate races are taking place.

Using direct mail, email, internet ads and hard-hitting radio, TV and newspaper ads, ATP will make sure voters know which politicians stand with them -- and which one’ stand with the radical environmentalists.

Not only that, but should Harry Reid and his cronies try to RAM through Cap and Tax during the “Lame Duck” session of Congress -- ATP will be prepared to fight back.

But such a massive grassroots mobilization isn’t cheap.

That’s why I hope you’ll agree to make a generous contribution of $250, $150, $100, $50 to help ATP’s massive grassroots mobilization efforts.

Even if you can only chip in $20, $15 or $10 bucks -- it’ll be a tremendous help in this fight.
Together, you and I can DEFEAT Cap and Tax and the rest of the radical environmentalists’ job-destroying agenda.


Donny Ferguson
Executive Director

P.S.    Harry Reid recently pledged to bring the dangerous Cap and Tax scheme to the Senate floor for a vote should Democrats maintain control of  the U.S. Senate this November.

That’s why it’s vital ATP has the resources to launch a massive grassroots mobilization effort against Cap and Tax and the radical
environmentalists’ job-destroying agenda.

So please, make a generous contribution of $250, $150, $100, $50 to help with this crucial program.

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'Obama mobster' who rushed at Paul Ryan IDed as eight-time felon

One of the Obama supporters who tried to jump on an Iowa State fair stage as Ryan was speaking has been identified as Frank Cordaro.

Cordaro is a notorious left-wing "Occupier" with eight felony convictions.

Cordaro was disguised in a Romney t-shirt.  Iowa State Police report a female Romney volunteer was savagely punched in the face by the Obama supporters.

Ryan was supposed to speak for 20 minutes, then take questions.  Secret Service agents ended the speech after 12 minutes and rushed Ryan away as Obama supporters started fights in the crowd, punched out a female volunteer and began jumping on stage screaming.

Shrieking Dems swarm stage, shut down Ryan speech

After failing in attempts to criminalize political speech by employers, and in attempts to force conservatives to hand over "enemies lists" of political donors, increasingly desperate Democrats have adopted a new tactic to stop conservatives from speaking -- physical invasion and intimidation of the Republican presidential ticket.

What was supposed to be a 20-minute speech by Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan turned into a near-riot and had to stopped after 13 minutes when multiple Obama supporters tried screaming over Ryan before attempting to rush the stage.

After two women and one man screaming pro-Obama slogans tried to jump on the stage, one of them successfully, Secret Service agents and Iowa State Patrol officers rushed Ryan away.

One of the women punched a Romney volunteer, according to an Iowa State trooper.  In all, five Obama supporters tried to attack the stage.

The tactic is hardly new, having long been proposed by violent Communist organizers before being adopted by Obama supporters.

Obama hails as his political mentor Saul Alinsky, author of "Rules for Radicals."

In the book, Alinksy encourages liberals to engage in physical confrontations at conservative events, with the intent of spreading "fear and confusion" and "terror."

One of Alinsky's "rules" for achieving that is to "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."


"Well, they (liberal protesters) have physical bodies.  How can they use them?  Now a melange of ideas begins to appear...Emphasize tactics your people will enjoy.  The threat is usually more terrifying than the tactic itself."

Crazed, screaming people rushing a stage, forcing the Secret Service to grab a candidate and rush away, it certainly "terrifying."

As Obama's poll numbers continue to stagnate, and slide backward, look for Obama supporters to become even more violent and threatening.

Obama flaunts Communist slogan of Tiananmen Square Butcher

Barack Obama is returning the love by adopting Deng
Xiaopeng's Communist regime slogan as his own.

"Too many folks still don't have a sense that tomorrow will be better than today. And so, the question in this election is which way do we go?  Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared? Or do we go backward to the same policies that got us in the mess in the first place?"

That was Barack Obama last Saturday at a Chicago fundraiser, expanding on these comments made last year at a speech in Brazil.

"With each passing day, Brazil is a country with more solutions.  In the global community, you’ve gone from relying on the help of other nations, to now helping fight poverty and disease wherever they exist.  You play an important role in the global institutions that protect our common security and promote our common prosperity...Together we can advance our common prosperity."

Obama is pinning his re-election on his repeated calls for "common prosperity."  If these calls for "common prosperity" sound familiar, you probably speak Mandarin.

"A long-forgotten socialist slogan, 'common prosperity,' coined by the late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, has returned to the limelight, becoming the latest catchphrase for mainland cadres ahead of next year's leadership reshuffle," the South China Morning Post reported in a story titled 'Common prosperity is back in fashion.'

"In a message to a gathering of Asian political parties in Nanning on Sunday, Vice-President Xi Jinping, President Hu Jintao's heir apparent, reiterated the central government's commitment to 'allowing people to share the fruits of development'.

"He said the Communist Party would stick to economic reforms, boost social services, speed up reforms to income distribution and 'unswervingly pursue the path of common prosperity', Xinhua said."

Deng Xiaopeng is known as the "Tiananmen Square Butcher" for his brutal repression of those who gathered in Beijing to protest his Communist dictatorship.

Predictably, the same media hyperventilating over the fact Paul Ryan reads the peaceful works of capitalist Ayn Rand are silent as Obama campaigns for re-election on a blood-soaked dictator's propaganda slogan.

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Yet another taxpayer-funded Obamamobile bursts into flames

"Fisker Automotive engineers have started to examine and test a Karma plug-in hybrid that burst into flames in a parking lot in Woodside, Calif., on Friday," Reuters reports this morning.

"This is the second time a Fisker Karma has caught on fire in four months. In early May, a Karma was destroyed in a garage fire in Sugar Land, Texas. That vehicle was not plugged in at the time, and the cause of the fire is still unknown, Fisker said.  The Karma, which carries a price tag of more than $100,000, was not charging at the time, and there were no injuries. The fire began outside the engine compartment."

"In March, a Karma battery failed during a test conducted by Consumer Reports magazine. Fisker recalled 239 Karma cars in December to fix a battery defect that raised the risk of a fire," Reuters reports.

The exploding deathmobiles are being produced in Finland, financed by a $529 million "green energy" loan from Barack Obama.  Though Obama claimed the loan would create American "green jobs," Fisker used the loan to shut down a General Motors plant in Delaware it had purchased and lay off the workers.

The Obama administration was warned Fisker was financially unstable and a poor investment, but plowed ahead on the half-billion dollar loan guarantee after Obama supporter Leonardo DiCaprio endorsed the company.

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