Friedman: A Case Study In The Liberal Mind

Liberals can't outright oppose the the 2001 and 2003 extended tax cuts, so Thomas Friedman, the angry, bitter Maoist columnist for The New York Times, continues the liberal effort to poison them by calling them a "stimulus."

He's lying, and he knows it. The tax cuts will not stimulate much new growth and they're not intended to. Extending the tax cuts simply staves off a backslide and double-dip recession. It doesn't push the car forward, it puts chocks behind the wheels so we don't go hurtling back.

Friedman then attacks everyone who disagrees with his Maoist views by calling Americans "exceptionally stupid," which fulfills two liberal fantasies -- visceral hatred for the individualist, free market United States and the view of oneself as morally and intellectually superior to the "sheeple" you have a duty to control and make decisions for.