Vindicated Vitter vows to block pay hike for energy-blocking Salazar

A liberal assault on Sen. David Vitter’s attempt to block a pay raise for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has failed, because liberals simply made up the charges.

“The committee found that there was no substantial credible evidence that you violated the law or Senate rules,” the Senate Ethics Committee ruled.

A vindicated Vitter will continue to seek a block of Salazar’s raise.

“I’m glad that I killed Ken Salazar’s salary increase — he has completely failed us on energy policy,” Vitter said. “And I’ll absolutely place a hold on any raise for him in the future.”

But Senate Democrats, and some Republicans, oppose the move.

“Salazar makes about $19,600 less than other Cabinet secretaries because the Constitution prohibits a House or Senate member from being appointed to an executive branch job whose pay has risen during the lawmaker’s term. As a senator from Colorado, Salazar had voted to increase the salary for the Interior secretary. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepted a lower salary for her post for the same reason,” The Hill reports.