Dems using debt crisis to shake down campaign contributions?

Harry Reid named Patty Murray to the debt Super Committee today, naming her Co-Chair. 

That would be the same Patty Murray whose job it is to leverage as much campaign money as possible for Senate Dems.  The Committee will have power to make proposed changes to tax law.

Democrats continue to cheer London riots, repeat calls for U.S. violence.

More proof that, at its heart, liberalism is a religion of hate with violence and mayhem as its sacraments.

ZombieHorde: "Rape is horrible; looting is wonderful."

coalition_unwilling: "When the urban proletariat resists (as is the case here), we quickly adopt the language and forms of the ruling classes to marginalize, demonize and ostracise said resistance."

nadinbrzezinski: "Decades of individualism, competition and state-encouraged selfishness – combined with a systematic crushing of unions and the ever-increasing criminalisation of dissent – have made Britain one of the most unequal countries in the developed world.  Images of burning buildings, cars aflame and stripped-out shops may provide spectacular fodder for a restless media, ever hungry for new stories and fresh groups to demonise, but we will understand nothing of these events if we ignore the history and the context in which they occur."

WarrenStupidity: "what is going on in Great Britain is a widespread uprising, a massive outburst of violent discontent, and I refuse to condemn that."

GliderGuider: "I don't need to find their actions admirable to see them as necessary. I think it's an essential expression of the rage and disempowerment of an entire class of human beings. This is the only avenue they have open to get to a microphone. I don't care if they don't overtly politicize their actions. To brand them with the hot iron of the word "recreational" is a colossal failure of empathy. It betrays a culturally imperialist disdain that averts its gaze from the harder, uncomfortable truths that underlie their rage and jubilation...Whether or not their actions are "admirable" to our tongue-clucking North American sensibilities, and no matter how many of us are prepared to dismiss their rage with the epithet "recreational", I'm completely in favour of what they're doing."

TheKentuckian: "They need a change of venue to the neighborhoods of the wealthy and the political class.  They don't care if we burn our own out, take it to them so they have "a stake"."

ndiscriminate violence. It is not protest. It will change nothing for the better but will bring misery to the lives of people who live in the places being looted and burned. It doesn't touch the wealthy corporate class. "

coalition_unwilling: " Mao: "All oppression breeds resistance". There is nothing admirable about what 30+ years of Thatcherism have done to the UK's urban proletariat either. When the urban proletariat does it you call it 'looting' so what do you call it when the ruling class does it?"