Senate passes Chinese currency bill authorizing new trade war

I'm assuming I'm completely wrong here, so let me know how. Seeing as a tariff is a tax, and was in fact a key source of revenue at the time of the Constitution's drafting and ratification, how can the Senate initiate a bill creating a tariff given Art. I, Sec. 7?

Help this guy I've been demonizing for two years

RT @whitehouse Meet Jamail Larkins: He wants Congress to pass the #JobsNow Act so he can grow his aviation business.

RT @DonaldEFerguson Want to help him grow his aviation business? Try not attacking, taxing private aviation.


Occupy Wall Street chant: Bestiality gives you immortal life

So let's see, Barack Obama and the Democrats are embracing and seek to "own" a movement that:

A) Violently attacks a museum filled with kids

B) Taunts women and wounded soldiers at a charity race

C) Proudly defecates on a burning American flag

D) Blames a "Jew conspiracy" for the economy

E) Chants that you can achieve immortality by having sex with animals.