My statement to The Daily Show

As the Undisputed 2013 SNAP Challenge Champion, I beat the Challenge hands down.  SNAP cards are filled monthly. I spent $34.28 for nine days' stock of food. That's $3.81 a day. And I have food left over.

The exercise proves we can cut SNAP benefits by 15%.

As for the the flight, I found out Tuesday I'd be traveling Thursday.  Had I spent the $50 to check a bag and bring the last two days of the seven days of food liberals would be whining about that.  The fact I went an additional two days with my shopping proves you can stay below the $4.50 figure even when you go longer and run into unexpected travel.

I proved there is double digits worth of room to cut in welfare spending, and that's what has liberals whining.

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‘Undisputed 2013 SNAP Challenge Champion’ debunks liberal propaganda

‘SNAP Challenge’ shows plenty of room to cut unsustainable levels of spending
‘Nothing tastes better than debunking liberalism.’
‘If liberals don’t like the results they shouldn’t have issued the challenge.’

WASHINGTON -- After going a full week on less than the $4.50 a day in food laid out by the “SNAP Challenge,” Donny Ferguson, communications director and agriculture policy advisor to Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX 36,) is declaring himself “The Undisputed 2013 SNAP Challenge Champion.”

“Nothing tastes better than debunking liberalism.  I proved there’s still lots of room to cut unsustainable welfare spending and still have filling, delicious meals.  The SNAP Challenge is a great tool to show how much savings we can find in the budget,” said Ferguson.  “The only thing Democrats proved is they can’t budget or control spending.  Their only defense is to trash the SNAP Challenge as an unrealistic publicity stunt.”

“If liberals don’t like the results they shouldn’t have issued the challenge.  I’m not aware of who else successfully completed all seven days, and I doubt any of them fed themselves as fiscally responsibly as I did,” said Ferguson.  “I’ve been broke much of my life so it’s not much of a lifestyle change.”

“If liberals cared about the poor they’d stop their agenda of tax hikes and regulations that kill jobs and make food more expensive.  If liberals really cared they’d stop creating punishing inflation by supporting Audit The Fed and other measures to stop the Federal Reserve’s reckless inflationary policies,” said Ferguson.

Without a shopping list or coupons, over the week Ferguson fed himself filling meals for seven days for a final total of around $26.40, less than the $31.50 weekly budget issued by the SNAP Challenge and less than his original $27.58 budget.  He gained only one pound and lost one percent body fat.

“I cut the SNAP Challenge Budget by about 16 percent without the hysterics of overdramatic political activists agitating for more government control,” said Ferguson.  “The proposed Food Stamp Bill didn’t cut spending, it dramatically increases it.  Overall spending on food stamps would have skyrocketed well beyond the increased rates of suffering we’ve seen under Obama.”

“Liberals are using unsustainable levels of welfare spending as vote-buying programs. They terrorize the poor and vulnerable with fictionalized tales of disaster if they don’t deliver their votes,” said Ferguson.  “It’s abusive to the poor, it’s abusive to the taxpayer, it’s abusive to our system of free elections and it’s put us on a path to fiscal suicide.”

For the first five days of the Challenge Ferguson stuck to a daily diet budget of $3.94 a day.  That’s a 12 percent cut to the Challenge’s claimed $4.50 a day in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.

Unplanned travel took Ferguson out of town for the last two days.  There, Ferguson purchased two days worth of food, including meat and fresh fruit, for $6.70, less than the $9.00 allowed over two days.  He spent the remainder of the SNAP Challenge two-day budget on canned food donated to a local food bank.

For $6.70 Ferguson bought two apples, two bananas, two large bowls of noodles, two bowls of pre-cooked rice and three cans of pre-cooked meat.

All remaining untouched food will be donated to a D.C. area food bank.