Adventures In Liberal Discourse: Union official calls for violent socialist overthrow of U.S.

What kind of people are occupying the Wisconsin state capitol in hopes of preserving government's ability to organize against its own citizens?

Here's an example.

In a videotaped speech, union rep and avowed Marxist Sharon Black challenges unions to engage in socialist revolution by forcibly occupying "the factories" (Funny how their rhetoric never got out of the 19th century.)

"I join the call for abolishing capitalism and reviving the struggle for world socialism," Black rambles. "Only Marxism can afford us."

Black specifically calls on government employees to take the offensive and use force to engage in near-literal class warfare.

"Our ultimate goal is worldwide socialist revolution...WILL YOU JOIN THIS FIGHT?! Long live revolutionary socialism! Victory to the workers!...OPEN THE CAMPAIGN TO ABOLISH CAPITALISM AND REVIVE THE STRUGGLE FOR WORLDWIDE SOCIALISM!!!!!!," the union official screeches as she ends her tirade.

Black is a union official, shop steward for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), Local #27 in Baltimore, Maryland.