ATP ‘phone bombs’ three Loudoun supervisors before Chesapeake Bay vote

ATP ‘phone bombs’ three Loudoun supervisors before Chesapeake Bay vote
Citizen-powered grassroots group warns 20,000 residents of bigger government, fewer jobs, higher taxes, loss of homeowner rights under Chesapeake Bay Tax and Control Plan

The nation’s largest grassroots opponent of radical environmentalism began calling around 10,000 Loudoun residents Saturday, warning them of a possible Tuesday vote on the Chesapeake Bay Tax and Control plan and asking them to call their supervisor to express opposition.  The grassroots-funded group also sent e-mail alerts on Friday.

Residents in Supervisor Jim Burton’s new district were urged to call their supervisor at home.  Residents in the Supervisors Kelly Burk and Andrea McGimsey’s new districts were urged to call their supervisor on their cell phone.

“We just thought we would be the first to introduce Loudoun residents to their new supervisors, by letting them know their supervisor may vote to raise their taxes and control their home” said Donny Ferguson, American Tradition Partnership’s Executive Director.  “Loudoun residents urge their supervisors to vote no on the Chesapeake Bay Tax and Control Plan.”
“Loudoun supervisors are putting their heads into a buzzsaw.  The overwhelming majority of people oppose this radical scheme to raise taxes, kill jobs and slap government handcuffs on homes and businesses,” said Ferguson.

American Tradition Partnership will hold accountable any supervisor who votes for this plan, as well as any candidate who supports it,” said Ferguson.

“Millionaire social clubs like the PEC represent the multi-million dollar special interest groups, but American Tradition Partnership is supported by and speaks for real Americans,” said Ferguson.  American Tradition Partnership wins time and time again because the people are on our side, something elected officials should keep in mind.”

Supported by contributions from its grassroots supporters, American Tradition Partnership has earned its reputation as the nation’s most effective opponent of the multi-million dollar radical environmentalist lobby.  In just the last few months ATP has:

* Killed Barack Obama’s “Cap and Tax” bill in Congress.
* Successfully pushed to have the invasive gray wolf taken off the so-called “Endangered Species List” so it can be hunted down.
* Filed a federal lawsuit against Colorado to repeal the state’s Expensive Energy Mandate, which forces consumers to buy more expensive wind and solar power against their will.
* Filed a lawsuit against Montana to stop their ongoing harassment and false smear campaigns against conservative groups, which has already been blasted by federal courts as “petty bureaucratic harassment.”  Montana officials have openly admitted they have no evidence conservative groups have done any wrong and every district attorney has refused to even look into the politically-motivated accusations.
* Won national headlines along with our federal free speech lawsuit against Montana which allows small employers to spend money on independent political expenditures.
* Won a federal free speech lawsuit against a liberal Colorado city who passed a law requiring residents to essentially get permission from the government before saying or publishing anything critical of the liberal city council.
* Stopped a plan by liberals in the U.S. Senate to protect the EPA’s plans to declare carbon dioxide a toxic pollutant.
* Passed legislation in Montana endorsing nullification of the so-called “Endangered Species Act.”
* Launched a campaign to repeal New Hampshire’s participation in the “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative,” a northeastern U.S. “global warming” tax cartel
* Launched and now pushing nationwide a growing campaign to secure a recorded vote on Sen. Rand Paul’s REINS Act, which strips the EPA of its authority to issue its own major regulations.

ATP does not advocate the election or defeat of candidates.  Supported by grassroots members, ATP is a fast-growing non-profit citizens’ group dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting private property rights and responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources. 

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