I'm listening to a guy call into a radio show to complain that no one is using overpriced union labor to produce cars and electronics anymore. 

More specifically, he's speaking into a cell phone while listening to a satellite radio program in his family's second car, none of which he could have afforded 30 years ago.

Their spin cycle is off balance

Despondent Dems are claiming their Wisconsin loss was a victory because they beat two "unbeatable," "safe" Republicans.

That's yet another lie.

Hopper won his seat with 50.05%, Kapanke with 51.38%. Hopper narrowly lost after cheating on his wife with a capitol aide and Kapanke after using a lobbyist's charity to pay off personal debts.

Apparently Ken Cuccinelli is running for state senate in Alexandria.

I now have a fifth mailing from a Democrat claiming he or she is running to beat him in November. 

Too bad for them his statewide approval rating is +18.

Union bosses failing in Michigan recall as well

Despite collecting fewer than half the 807,000 signatures needed to recall Governor Rick Snyder by the Aug. 6 deadline, the effort to oust the first-term governor will continue, the Lansing State Journal reports.

The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder is now retooling for a new Sept. 29 deadline, which would put the recall question on the February ballot, said communication director Tom Bryant.
Union bosses in union stronghold Michigan may fail to even petition for a recall, and are all but certain to lose even if they manage to. 

Usually to miss your target that badly your name has to be Garrett Gilbert.
Before conservatives start gloating about Wisconsin being a bellwether election, remember your recent history. Democrats won five of six special elections in 2009 and 2010. Special elections are not reliable indicators, the 14 months between now and November 2012 are nine political lives and Obama's team know how to organize and turn out (as you should, too.)