(VIDEO) Season's Beatings from the #Occupy movement

Tensions flared between Occupy protesters on Christmas day. The situation got so bad, a NewsChannel 5 videographer had to call police for help.

NewsChannel 5's videojournalist was on assignment at Legislative Plaza Sunday covering the holiday celebration, when the angle of the story suddenly changed. Two of the protesters started arguing with each other; one of them was three-months pregnant. Harsh words led to hair pulling and punching, and both of them landed on the ground.

Citizen pressure forces Obama to sign bill with Keystone provision

“President Obama signed into law a broad payroll tax package Friday afternoon that includes a measure requiring him to make a speedy decision on the Keystone XL pipeline,” The Hill reports this afternoon.

“The GOP-backed measure requires the administration to make a decision within 60 days on the pipeline, which would carry oil sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to refineries on the Gulf Coast. In order to reject the pipeline, Obama would have to declare that the project is not in the national interest.”

Obama previously asserted he would veto the bill and would never approve any legislation speeding up a decision on the critically-needed, safe, clean Keystone pipeline.

But that stone wall crumbled under a wave of grassroots pressure applied by American Tradition Partnership and other groups.  For days, ATP supporters have been calling, e-mailing and faxing the White House, demanding Obama sign a bill containing language requiring action on Keystone.

“Once again American Tradition Partnership supporters have forced Obama to back off his radical green extremism,” said American Tradition Partnership Donald Ferguson. “I’ll put this in words Obama can understand.  We are the 99 percent.  You and the multi-million dollar Gang Green lobby are the one percent.  If you continue to act on your radical green agenda of killing the Keystone jobs pipeline, you’ll be the one looking for work in 2013.”

But Obama still opposes the jobs pipeline, and all indications are he will reject it.

“Our hope is that the president will use the opportunity to deny the permit, and sooner rather than later,” said Bill McKibben president of the radical green group “350.” “His administration has made it clear many times over the past few weeks that the demand for quick approval attached to this legislation would result in the rejection of the pipeline.”

The shortened deadline means ATP must mount a, as The Hill puts it, “savage battle.”

As I told you Monday, I will be here at my desk through the weekend Christmas holiday fighting for your right to speak publicly about Gang Green.

And now I will have to add to that an intense battle against Obama and Gang Green to approve the Keystone pipeline.

I know things are hectic on Christmas weekend, but I hope you will stand with me.

Please go here to chip in $10 or more to help me keep up the fight for the Keystone jobs pipeline.

Thanks to you I’ve already broken through one White House stone wall, forcing him to actually make a decision.

But this next one, pressuring Obama to do the right thing and approve the pipeline, will be even bloodier and tougher.

Please stand with me.  Go here to chip in $10 or more.

We’ve already been given a great Christmas gift.  Your grassroots pressure brought Obama to his knees and made him accept a bill forcing him to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline.

I’ll be here at my desk all weekend fighting to make sure it’s the right one.

Thank you for your loyal support throughout the year.  May you and your family have a blessed Christmas, and I hope you will continue to stand with me through the holidays and this upcoming election year.


Donald Ferguson, Executive Director

P.S.  You forced him to back down, somewhat. “President Obama signed into law a broad payroll tax package Friday afternoon that includes a measure requiring him to make a speedy decision on the Keystone XL pipeline,” The Hill reports this afternoon.

But the shortened deadline means ATP must mount a, as The Hill puts it, “savage battle.”  As I told you Monday, I will be here at my desk through the weekend Christmas holiday fighting for your right to speak publicly about Gang Green. Now I will have to add to that an intense battle against Obama and Gang Green to approve the Keystone pipeline.  Please go here to chip in $10 or more to help me keep up the fight for the Keystone jobs pipeline.

Thank you for your friendship and support through this year.  Merry Christmas and thank you!

Netanyahu defends religious liberty, wishes Christians a "Merry Christmas"

Obama cronies get fat contracts forcing 'green' fuel on Navy

Solyndra, Part II?  Or just more of the same junk science and crony corporatism from Barack Obama -- and at the expense of our national security?

The editorial board of  The Washington Times takes aim at Obama's drive to force the military to hand his cronies piles of taxpayer cash for failing "green" energy:
The $1 trillion budget bill before Congress includes a provision that would resurrect the Keystone XL pipeline, but don’t expect its passage to open a flood of black gold and wash away Uncle Sam’s infatuation with all things green. Even as the scientific validation of global-warming theory crumbles, adherents in Washington have dragooned the U.S. military into leading the charge toward renewable energy...
...The Navy made headlines last week with the revelation that it has been ordered to purchase 450,000 gallons of biofuel to power its jet fighters. Conventional jet fuel costs about $4 a gallon, but the biofuel made from fermented algae will set back the service about $16 a gallon. The pricey green gas, says the Navy, will be used next summer to power planes participating in exercises near Hawaii under the politically correct title of “the Great Green Fleet Carrier Strike Force.” The purchase is part of a larger deal in which the Navy is partnering with the Agriculture and Energy departments to buy $510 million worth of biofuels over three years.
And who is getting the multi-million dollar contracts to supply the Navy with less efficient, more expensive fuel?
One supplier is California-based Solazyme, which received $22 million in federal stimulus funds to construct a biofuel plant in Louisiana. A company adviser, according to Hot Air, is T.J. Glauthier, who was a member of President Obama’s transition team. So in essence, overspending feds borrowed stimulus money, handed it over to an Obama buddy who helps build a factory for algae fuel that the feds buy back at quadruple the going rate.
Go here to read their full article and get smarter.

Who would have thought we'd reach the day where environmentalist lust for taxpayer cash would not only cross ethical lines, but endanger national security?

Job creators: How ObamaCare is killing jobs

Who is stopping out economy failing to turn around?

Who is preventing job creators from creating jobs?

Who is responsible for the fact that for many, the economy is getting worse?

One man. 

Barack Obama.

Three of the nation's larger employers sat down with journalist John Stossel on his Fox Business Channel program.  Stossel describes the interview for Reason magazine.

You may watch the interviews here.

Brad Anderson, CEO of Best Buy, explained to Stossel how ObamaCare prevents employers from creating new businesses by imposing future costs that have yet to be determined.

“If I was trying to get you to fund a new business I had started and you asked me what my payroll was going to be three years from now per employee, if I went to the deepest specialist in the industry, he can’t tell me what it’s actually going to cost, let alone what I’m going to be responsible for," said Anderson.

"You would think a piece of legislation more than a thousand pages long would at least be clear about the specifics. But a lot of those pages say: 'The secretary will determine ...' That means the secretary of Health and Human Services will announce the rules sometime in the future. How can a business make plans in such a fog?," writes Stossel

Even worse, ObamaCare endangers the health of Americans who can't afford insurance on their own.

John Allison, former CEO of BB&T, explained to Stossel how Obamacare encourages employers to drop health insurance for employees.  Under the law, employers are forced to insure their employees. Employers who fail to insure their employees, but the $2,000 penalty is lower than the cost of a policy.

“What that means is in theory every company ought to dump their plan on the government plan and pay the penalty,” he said. “So you don’t really know what the cost is because it’s designed to fail.”  Companies that continue to offer insurance would run higher operating costs, which could force them out of business in a slow economy -- costing thousands of jobs.

Who are hardest hit by ObamaCare's onslaught of costs, regulation and government mandates?  Those on the lower rungs of the employment ladder.

"An owner of 12 IHOPs told me that he can’t expand his business because he can’t afford the burden of Obamacare. Many of his waitresses work part time or change jobs every few months. He hadn’t been insuring them, but Obamacare requires him to. He says he can’t make money paying a $2,000 penalty for every waitress, so he’s cancelled his plans to expand. It’s one more reason why job growth hasn’t picked up post-recession," writes Stossel.

Want to kill jobs?  Inject the economy with higher costs, more government regulations and more government mandates -- and do it in an arbitrary, unpredictable manner.

In that vein, ObamaCare is a lethal dose of economic poison, and the poorest Americans are suffering the most.

Confiscated and redistributed from the LNCC.

#OccupyDC overrun with rats, meth, al Qaeda, Hamas & Hezbollah flags

Apparently conditions at Occupy DC's McPherson Square camp have deteriorated since I last stopped by. 

I used to drop by every Saturday several years back when the homeless controlled the park.  It was always clean and never smelled back, but somehow Occupy DC managed to do what the homeless couldn't -- make the entire park covered in trash and reeking of feces.  But they were tolerated because they were somewhat quiet and respectful.

Now Washington Times national security reporter Bill Gertz reports conditions are no downright dangerous.  You may follow Gertz on Twitter at @billgertz.

Gertz reports rats "appear to be moving into the area by the hundreds, and their numbers are increasing daily" and "one distinctive smell coming from the park area is that of methamphetamine being smoked."

And if that weren't charming enough the Democrat Party darlings, whom Obama is still proud to stand with, are zealously flying the flags of "the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and al Qaeda," Gertz adds.

Why are Democrats still standing with these animals?  I predict we'll see a lot of ads tying radical Democrats to this violent, angry, anti-American hate movement.

Dems cheer as Occupy Denver invades, heckles homeless memorial service

Why are Democrats, and Obama, still standing with these evil, subhuman animals?

Read as Democrats cheer and applaud Occupy Denver for organizing as a mob and heckling a ceremony honoring homeless men and women who died on the streets.

As The Denver Post reports:

A traditionally solemn candlelight vigil for people who died on Denver's streets was disrupted tonight by a loud, angry Occupy Denver group...

...They shouted "fascist" and other slurs as Mayor Michael Hancock stepped forward to deliver the city's annual address on homelessness. 
Hancock pleaded with them to show civility to the families and respect for the 136 men and women whose names would eventually be called...
...Other people in the audience shouted things in reply, including "show some respect" and "grow up."

It didn't work.

As the names of those who had died were called, many, if not all, Occupy Denver members refused to say, "We will remember."

"It's disgraceful," said Cynthia Ingram, who had traveled from Buffalo, N.Y., for the event to honor a cousin on the list.

"This isn't about their political agenda; it's about our family some sympathy and showing just a little bit of respect for the dead. I am so angry right now."

Ingram said she had previously agreed with the Occupy mission, but did not respect the outbursts at tonight's Homeless Persons' Memorial Vigil.

So just which fat cat corporatist did these Occupy animals choose to attack, disrupt and bully?

The event, put on annually by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, is in its 22nd year, and this year attracted several hundred people.

The memorial included the names of 136 homeless people who died this year — 21 women, 115 men, who ranged from 20 to 76 years old.

Causes of death included pneumonia, hypothermia, heart attacks, drug or alcohol abuse, traffic accidents and suicides, according to the coalition.

"As we honor those who have passed, let us keep in mind those who are still on the street," said John Parvensky, president of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

He said most Americans have a life expectancy of about 80 years, but for the homeless, life spans range between 42 and 52 years old.

The list of names is on the coalition's website at http://www.coloradocoalition.org.

Go here to read as Democrats cheer them on and applaud them for targeting a charity with nasty, profane posts.

Do the fine people at the Colorado Coalition who were subjected to this subhuman attack a favor and make a donation this blessed holiday season by going here.

ObamaCare supporters. Like sheep lead to slaughter.

Earlier today I tweeted "#40dollars buys a pain pill when ObamaCare declines Grandma's hip replacement."

A clueless liberal screeched that was a lie and ObamaCare forces insurers to cover the hip replacement. 
I explain to her "pain pill v. surgery" was OBAMA's statement explaining how he'd stop insurers from covering "unnecessary" procedures like giving Grandma the ability to walk and not suffer. 

I feel sorry for ObamaCare supporters who will be shocked to find they end up with less coverage.  Their lives are at stake.

Sheila Jackson Lee claims Republicans are setting Christmas trees on fire

"I am watching the trees and the lights in people's homes...you get closer to their tree and you see them beginning to pop and burn as the Christmas tree burns, and those who have lights in their homes, CANDLES, you see them burning to the very end, it is extinguished.  They are putting the American people in darkness!"

Slate author weeps orange toy foam guns are 'ultrarealistic,' 'scary,' 'frightening'

Slate writer Farhad Manjoo pens a weepingly hysterical article referring to this Day-Glo orange Nerf "Barricade" toy as an "ultrarealistic weapon."

"The Barricade," Manjoo writes "is what a gun expert would call a 'semiautomatic...'"

It's also what a normal person would call a "toy." 

But Manjoo's not normal.

"The Barricade is a pretty scary toy, and it’s not even close to being the scariest Nerf gun...Indeed, Nerf has become a lot more frightening since I was a kid," Mandoo types with quivering, sweaty fingers.

His hoplophobia (the irrational fear of guns, often rooted in psychosexual disorder) reaches a crescendo with "Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing with some of the new Nerf guns, and I’ve tied myself in knots thinking about whether ultrarealistic weapons are just harmless fun or whether they reveal something terribly wrong with modern American boyhood. I’ll admit it: As a father of a 1-year-old son, Nerf’s weaponry worries me."

He talks to a child psychiatrist, who assures him Nerf is not part of some massive military-industrial conspiracy to brainwash his children.  But Mandoo doesn't sound convinced.

Criminologist Don Kates, lecturer at Stanford University, Oxford University, Saint Louis University School of Law, and the University of Melbourne, has concluded a fear of weapons, as expressd by Mandoo, is sometimes a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity (Guns, Murders, and the Constitution, Pacific Research Institute, 1990)

Abortion clinic workers' blog asks readers to submit 'abortion haikus'

"The Abortioneers" a blog describing itself as  "The ins and outs and ups and downs of direct service in the field of abortion care" asked its readers last week to submit "your factual, subversive, hilarious, sensitive, face-kicking, or just plain silly abortion haiku."

What's an abortion haiku?

Just what it sounds like.

The author offers this:

Abortion clinics
Are great because they're awesome
They do abortions

One contestant offers this:

Unwanted baby
women trust themselves to know
abortion’s so right

"Abortion's so right?"  That one's almost gleeful about pocketing the abortion fee.

The winner?  This charming ditty.

Aborted my child
I should have kept my legs closed
I'm a worthless slut

Stuck-in-reverse Virginia Dems blast the idea of roads as a "core service"

A well-received $4 billion dollar plan to fix Virginia's crumbling roads, a top priority of voters, is running into a predictable opponent -- the Virginia Democrat Party.

"Democratic state chairman Brian Moran panned the idea, accusing the governor of trying to divert money from "core services," writes The Washington Examiner Friday. 

"But transportation is a core service, every bit as deserving of priority funding as education or public safety. Richmond's prior refusal to consider it a priority has led to the predictable hardening of Northern Virginia's major arterials and the commuting nightmares that have become so familiar in this region."

So just what exactly would the Virginia Democrat Party like to see killed, despite the near-crisis status of Virginia's congested, decaying roads and bridges?

"An analysis by Richmond-based Chmura Economics found that the $4 billion investment will grow Virginia's economy by $13 billion when fully implemented, creating 104,000 new jobs. It leverages just $97 million of state funds to build a $1 billion, public-private high-occupancy toll/high-occupancy vehicle lane project on Interstate 95 that increases capacity on one of Virginia's most congested highways."

Occupier steals $5500 from Occupy bank account. Occupy doesn't care.

The Occupy parasite mentality in action.

A D.C. Occupier has stolen $5500 from OccupyDC's bank account.  So they're angry and called the police, right?


They refuse to press charges and don't care because "they're confident that donors will help replenish the account." 

There are two reasons they don't care.

1) They consider theft just another form of social justice, someone redistributing wealth personally.

2) They consider money something that is handed to you based on need, not something you earn by offering your labor or talents to others.

Occupier tries to block trains by shoving her 4 year old girl onto tracks

Occupy animals continue to use toddlers as human shields.

We've seen Occupiers order their daughter to run in front of oncoming trucks, put their kids in a wagon and shove them in front of riot squads, push them into the path of oncoming D.C. traffic.

Now watch as an Occupier, named "Lotus," makes her four-year-old daughter lay on dangerous railroad tracks thinking it will magically stop oncoming multi-ton trains.

I'd be surprised, but offering up individuals as ritual sacrifices for the good of the collective is the founding tenet of the deadly Occupy movement. 

The belief in the sanctity of the individual is what separates us from the animals, which is precisely why I use the term "Occupy animals." 

These Occupy animals are a step backward in the evolution of human society, a return to brute, primitive tribalism.

Armed Occupy mobs attack ports, rob workers of paychecks

"Hundreds of Wall Street protesters blocked gates at some of the West Coast's busiest ports on Monday, causing the partial shutdown of several," the Associated Press reports. 

"In Oakland, shipping companies and the longshoremen's union agreed to send home about 150 workers, essentially halting operations at two terminals. In Portland, authorities shuttered two terminals after arresting two people who were carrying weapons," the AP reports. 

"It's disappointing that those union folks were not able to go to work today and earn their wages," SSA spokesman Bob Watters told the AP. 

"This is joke. What are they protesting?" trucker Christian Vega told the AP, sitting in his idled truck carrying a load of recycled paper. 

The Occupy mob attack on the ports cost Vega $600.00 he needed to feed his family. 

"It only hurts me and the other drivers. We have jobs and families to support and feed. Most of them don't," Vega said. 

Police also arrested a number of Occupy attackers carrying deadly weapons, including loaded guns and a sword.  Several Occupy protesters have been linked to shootings, including an attack on the White House and a mass shooting at a North Carolina supermarket.

Reid: Millionaire job creators are "unicorns," "don't exist" because a guy on NPR says so

Talking Points Memo provides this video of a delusional Harry Reid saying there are exactly zero jobs created by millionaires, citing an anecdote by National Public Radio:

"The Republicans say the richest of the rich in our country, even those who make millions every year, shouldn’t contribute more to get our economy back on track. They call our plan, time after time, a tax on job creators, and I say so-called “job creators.”

"Because I say that, Mr. President, every shred of evidence contradicts this red herring. For example, there have been many outlets, but I’ll concentrate on one. National Public Radio went looking for one of these fictitious millionaire job creators. A reporter reached out to the business groups and a tax lobby in the Republican Congress hoping to interview one of these millionaires. Days ticked by with no luck.

"Many of our job creators are like unicorns, they're impossible to find and don't exist. That’s because only a tiny fraction of people making more than a million dollars, probably less than one percent, are actually small business owners and only a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction is a traditional job creator."

There you have it.  Socialism works, because conservative groups didn't want to waste their time talking to a NPR activist.

Democrats mock, heckle mother for suffering a miscarriage

More sickness. Democrats mock and heckle the Duggar family over news the mother has suffered a miscarriage.

Why? Democrats are accuse the family of "robbing" the government of revenue by having many children who can be declared dependents on tax forms.

Yes, Democrats are saying you are shirking your duty to provide for the government by having children. Sickos.

Dems cheer as OWS storms 'Law & Order' to shut down filming of OWS-themed episode

This is disturbing.

Read here as Democrats laugh, cheer and applaud as over 100 Occupy Wall Street animals "storm" the set of "Law & Order" and forcibly shut down filming after hearing it was for an episode about the movement.

Democrats say the set should have been forcibly stormed and filming stopped by force because the potential, unknown plot of the episode would probably have offended them.

They also say the actors and writers should be forcibly stripped of their First Amendment rights because their opinion is not "valid" and that for-profit TV shows are "exploitative."

Democracy? No. This is what totalitarianism looks like.

Obama admin suppressed information on potentially deadly Volt fires

Despite holding information showing the Obama-mandated Chevy Volt electric car had in at least one case burst into flames three weeks after a crash test, both government-controlled General Motors and the Obama administration refused to disclose the potentially deadly defect,” Autoguide reports.

Joan Claybrook, a former adminstrator at NHTSA, tells Autoguide she believes the Obama administration did not release the information because of the “fragility of Volt sales.”

According to Claybrook the “NHTSA could have put out a consumer alert” and “not to tell them [customers] for six months makes no sense to me.”

“As a result the public relations nightmare surrounding Chevy’s halo vehicle appears to be deepening, though a good deal of the blame in this case also rests with NHTSA,” Autoguide reports.

The fire was caused by a defect in the toxic metal battery’s cooling system.  General Motors sold the Obama-mandated vehicle to the public for six months before finally coming up with a procedure to power down the battery after a crash.

It’s no secret Barack Obama wanted the Chevy Volt rolled out as soon as possible to score a political victory.  Did Obama pressure General Motors to sell a vehicle they all knew was a potential deadly fireball?,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.

Go here to chip in $10 to help American Tradition Partnership hold Barack Obama accountable for his dangerous Gang Green agenda.

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Ferguson statement on House passage of The REINS Act

WASHINGTON – American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson released the following statement Wednesday evening upon the U.S. House’s passage of H.R. 10, The REINS Act, which requires federal regulations costing more than $100 million be approved by Congress and the President before taking effect.

“The U.S. House of Representatives has taken an important first step to restoring job growth and restoring Congress as our only legislative legislative body by passing the REINS Act.

“American Tradition Partnership has been an early and active advocate for the REINS Act, working closely with Sen. Rand Paul and urging our nationwide grassroots support network to phone, fax, e-mail and write their lawmakers in support of this critically needed reform.

“Instead of the current regime of “regulation without representation” where political activists with federal employee badges write their own rules, major federal regulations that impact Americans must go through a transparent, accountable rulemaking process.

“The question now is will senators join the House and the majority of voters who support the REINS Act?  Will Max Baucus, Ben Nelson, Maria Cantwell, Claire McCaskill and others vote with job creators and their constituents, or will they side with the D.C. establishment and special interests who are choking off job growth?

“American Tradition Partnership, and our growing nationwide army of grassroots supporters, will be watching.”

ATP does not advocate the election or defeat of candidates.  Supported by grassroots members, ATP is a fast-growing non-profit citizens’ group dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting private property rights and responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources.

Alec Baldwin continues to blame, bully flight attendant

Despite a public statement from American Airlines that he violated rules prohibiting the use of electronic devices when the cabin door is closed, Alec Baldwin, star of such films as "Pearl Harbor," "Mercury Rising" and "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," continues to blame and bully the flight attendant who asked him to turn off his iPad.

As Baldwin puts it, "in this day and age, many people have a lot of important work to do, by phone, and would like to do so till the last possible minute."

He was playing a "Words With Friends" computer game.

House moving to a vote on the REINS Act

I need you to call your congressman at 202-224-3131 immediately.

The House is about to vote on the REINS Act.

Ask him or her to vote YES on H.R. 10, the REINS Act.

As you recall, the REINS Act simply requires that any proposed federal regulation with an economic impact greater than $100 million be approved by both chambers of Congress and signed by the President before it can take effect.

In other words, no more regulation without representation.

The House will begin debate this afternoon.

So please call your congressman 202-224-3131 immediately and ask him or her to vote YES on H.R. 10, the REINS Act.

The D.C. political establishment said the REINS Act would never make it this far.

But American Tradition Partnership, with your support, proved them wrong.

Now we have a chance to get a recorded vote on the REINS Act in the House, and send it to the Senate.

Every vote, and every phone call, counts.  So call today.

And please take just a moment to go here and chip in $25 or more to help us continue the fight in the Senate.


Donald Ferguson
Executive Director
American Tradition Partnership

P.S.  The House will begin debate on the REINS Act this afternoon and later move to a vote. So please call your congressman 202-224-3131 immediately and ask him or her to vote YES on H.R. 10, the REINS Act.

And please take just a moment to go here and chip in $25 or more to help us continue the fight in the Senate.

UPDATE: I told you last week about the Protect IP Act and the SOPA Act, which would give Obama the power to shut down individual websites.  ATP is fighting to kill both bills.  Thanks to your calls and support the bills are held up in the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, but still alive.  Thank you!!!  ATP will keep fighting until both bills are killed.

'Occupy' movement caught covering up another sexual assault

A group at the Occupy Hartford campsite, including the victim, tried to keep a sex assault quiet, police said.

Police received an anonymous call Thursday reporting the sex assault at the Occupy Hartford site in Turning Point Park on Broad Street.

When asked why no one from Occupy Hartford, including the victim reported the sex assault to police, they told officers they did not want to draw any negative attention to their cause. 
Just as they tolerated sexual assaults by Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, liberals think a woman's place is on a sacrificial altar to their collectivist beliefs.  Women are to be seen and cast votes, but not to be heard.

Your ObamaCare preview

Swedish man whose legs were amputated was denied a wheelchair after government health care authorities declared they were "uncertain if the impairment was permanent."

Chevy offers to buy back exploding Obamamobiles

"General Motors will buy Chevrolet Volts back from any owner who is afraid the electric cars will catch fire, the company's CEO said Thursday," the Associated Press reports.

"Three fires have broken out in Volts after side-impact crash tests done by the federal government.  Akerson said that if necessary, GM will recall the more than 6,000 Volts now on the road in the U.S. and repair them once the company and federal safety regulators figure out what caused the fires," the AP reports.

Thankfully there aren't many of the Obama-mandated death traps to recall.  Chevy sold only 1,139 Volts in November and will miss its annual sales goal of 10,000 cars by almost 4,000.  Most of the cars that did sell were bought by, you guessed it, the government.

Despite pathetic sales and a lack of interest, and now the threat of the cars bursting into flames, government-controlled General Motors has dictated an inexplicable increase in Volt production.

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