Obama's jobs plan stimulates market activity. Just not the activity you want.

Obama announces his jobs plan that was supposed to be a major announcement with a month-long build-up is just a do-over of his failed stimulus and a tax credit for new hires, an old idea that's already been rejected because it doesn't work.

Dow plunges 500 points as employers realize Obama won't drop his plans to punish them for creating prosperity.

Green politician claims gas drilling conspiracy gives ‘the womenfolk’ STDs

Environmental activist and Pennsylvania Democrat State Rep. Michael Sturla managed to insult both workers and women when, in an e-mail to a reporter, he implied the state’s women are promiscuous, claimed that natural gas drilling gives “womenfolk” sexually transmitted diseases, and further claimed the government behind a conspiracy to cover up the supposed natural gas/STD epidemic.

“Michael Sturla owes Pennsylvania’s energy sector workers an apology for insanely accusing them of spreading diseases, and he owe women an apology for suggesting they are promiscuous  and only ‘the womenfolk’ can get STDs,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.

“I hope the tinfoil wrapped around Michael Sturla’s head is recyclable,” said Ferguson.

Amazingly, after telling reporters that Pennsylvania women are promiscuous, that natural gas development causes STDs and the government is covering it up, Sturla is still the Democrat Policy Chairman for the Pennsylvania State House.

“If that’s who Pennsylvania’s House Democrats have put in charge of their policy, they all owe their constituents an apology.  Michael Sturla continues to prove there’s no science or truth whatsoever behind environmentalist claims about natural gas drilling.  They’ll simply make up whatever story they think will terrorize people out of a job.  Sturla’s insane rant is yet another of the scare stories about clean, safe resource development are utterly insane lies,” said Ferguson.

“After an ill-advised relationship with environmentalists, Michael Sturla is trying to infect his constituents with unemployment and poverty.  The only epidemic threatening Pennsylvania is the irrational campaign of lies spread by the anti-jobs environmentalist lobby and Michael Sturla’s case of malignant stupidity and misogyny,” said Ferguson.

Help get the truth and scientific facts out about clean, safe natural gas development.  Go here to chip in $10 to support American Tradition Partnership’s grassroots army, and their effort to counter the lies and fear tactics of environmentalists.

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Why isn't the private sector hiring? Government unions.

The single biggest bankroller of elections in this country are unions, but unions find themselves in a pinch because they re dying out.  Workers in all employment sectors but one are abandoning unions as they become more bloated, abusive and outdated.

The only employment sector where union member is growing is government.  The ballooning number of government employees, and the taxpayer-funded dues they pay, over the last four decades is the only thing keeping the lucrative union racket in business and keeping liberal election machines oiled, which is precisely why President John Kennedy wrote the executive order reversing federal policy and allowing government employees to unionize and create political campaign accounts.

In order to keep millions of dollars pumping into Democrat election coffers, Democrats must keep cranking out new government jobs.

How do you do that?

In Obama's case, you do that by more than doubling the pace of creation of new regulations.

Because Obama has more than doubled the pace of creation of new regulations, with no regard for whether or not regulations are needed or even accomplish their stated purpose.

Why has Obama more than doubled the pace of creation of new regulations, with no regard for whether or not regulations are needed or even accomplish their stated purpose?

Because more government regulations require new government employees to administer them.

More government employees means more union dues accounts financed by taxpayers.

New union accounts financed by taxpayers means more cash in the political campaign accounts of union bosses.

More cash in the political campaign accounts of union bosses means more cash in the political campaign accounts of Democrat politicians.

More cash in the political campaign accounts of Democrat politicians means more Democrat politicians in office who will vote to further accelerate the creation of new government regulations.

What you have is a self-replicating parasite.

Which brings us to the current stagnation in private employment.

Why aren't companies creating jobs? 

No company is going to make the long-term investment of new employees when they know it's just a matter of time before the White House dumps a mountain of new regulations on them.

So why are so many Americans unemployed?

Because Barack Obama and the Democrat political machine are more interested harnessing the regulatory state to transfer taxpayer cash into their political campaign accounts.

Want to bring back the economy, and restore prosperity?

Repeal the laws and executive orders allowing government unions.