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Restoring the valued customer-business relationship

I received the letter today I asked for from Verizon verifying I canceled their service for poor performance, they owe me credits and I owe them nothing. 

Cable companies, if you're going to try to cheat someone don't try cheating one of the few people even nastier and more nit-picky than a cable company. 

Sprint gave up trying to slip stuff in my bills and my bank calls me periodically just to see how I'm doing.

Too many companies seem to forget the customer-business relationship should be one of fair, honest exchange and instead try to see how much they can get away with, assuming the customer isn't the type who likes confrontation.

Unfortunately for Verizon, that does not work when said customer places a priority on fair, honest exchange and feeds off confrontation like that pink goo in "Ghostbusters 2."