Environmentalism kills the Earth. Yet again.

"A rare whale has washed up dead in Puerto Rico, and a biologist is blaming plastic bags for its demise," the Associated Press reports.  "Nilda Jimenez says that she conducted a necropsy of the Gervais beaked whale and found more than 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) of twisted plastic inside its stomach."

And whom do we have to thank for pushing humans to buy billions of plastic bags?


If you'll recall, about 20 years ago there was a move to "save the Earth" by eliminating paper shopping and grocery bags and replacing them with billions of plastic bags.

We were told because of the use of paper bags the planet risked running out of trees, and plastic bags were the "green" alternative. 

Never mind the fact trees used in the manufacture of bags are almost entirely farmed trees, planted by timber companies often in areas where trees did not exist.  In fact, thanks to timber companies and the proliferation of consumer goods like paper bags, the United States has more trees now than it did 200 years ago.

But the irrational bleating of environmentalism prevailed and, like MTBEs and DDT, the "green solution" of plastic bags is causing more environmental damage than the problem environmentalists claimed it would solve.

It appears that, once again, the single greatest threat this planet faces is environmentalism itself.

Who will save the Earth...from environmentalists?