Obama moves to ban cars that don't meet 'green' standards

"Future U.S. government fuel economy regulations could saddle auto makers with steep fines or even bar the sale of certain models," The Wall Street Journal reports this morning.

Fleet economy standards have been in place for decades, but traditionally have assessed only nominal fines to auto makers whose cars burn more gas than the law allows. The Obama administration wants to toughen those regulations, suggesting penalties that have car companies worried...," the Journal reports.

Unsurprisingly, the scheme is part of an EPA power grab.

"A key change from past rules: the Environmental Protection Agency would enforce and fine companies that don't meet standards for emissions levels, which are closely tied to fuel economy. Until this year, only the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was involved in regulating auto makers through fuel economy rules. The EPA became involved this year; but accommodations spare companies that violate emissions regulations through 2016," the Journal reports.