Typical Occupy Wall Street: Their latest hate-filled anti-Semitic conspiracy rant

Yes, this is the movement Barack Obama publicly embraced and the Democrat Party seeks to "own."

As reported by CBS New York:

To a Jewish passer-by: "You greedy pig!  Go to Israel!"

"(Pointing to his sign) These are the Jews!  The Jews control Wall Street!"

"The Jews control Wall Street!" (repeated ad nauseum)

"Google it!  Google it!  Google 'Wall Streets Jews!'"

"[expletive] Fox News! That’s [expletive]! [Expletive] Jew made that up!"

#OWSer, transgender American Maoist hail communism, claims communists haven't killed anyone

This is the real OccupyWallStreet movement. 

A hippie, and a transgendered person in a Chinese military uniform march with Communist Chinese flag in support of communism, Marxism, Maoism.

When asked why they would identify with a despotic regime that would order their deaths, they ignorantly claim communism has never killed anyone and any reports of such are capitalist lies. (They have in fact killed tens of millions, especially peace activists and transgendered people.)

These are the morons Barack Obama announced he supports.

Violent, racist liberal physically attacks Tea Partier during rant on tolerance

Liberal lectures conservative on racism, tolerance and non-violence the only way most liberals know how, by calling him "cracker," "retard," "f--king a--hole, you deserve to be s--t on" and physically assaulting him.

He evens claims, "I've been fighting against hypocrisy my whole life."

Liberals exploit, abuse women. Again.

The ACLU just sent out a phony blast e-mail falsely claiming Congress will vote on a bill making it legal to refuse life-saving treatment to a pregnant woman.

The bill in question simply removes abortion from the services funded by taxpayers through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The fact is hospitals are still required by law to provide treatment to patients whose lives are in danger.  

But the ACLU finds the truth inconvenient.  It's easier just to lie to vulnerable women.

The ACLU lied in a cheap, pathetic attempt to use terror to exploit women for political gain.  A local abused women's shelter here did the same thing during the vote on Virginia's "marriage amendment." They bullied abused women into campaigning against it by falsely claiming it would legalize domestic abuse, no better than the abusers they were supposed to be protecting these victims from.

At least they're consistent.  Liberals love bullying and threatening women, no matter when the opportunity arises.

Typically violent Occupy liberals issue yet another call for 'blood'

OccupyLA speaker, in what is a common call for violence by the Occupy movement:

"(The) French Revolution made fundamental transformation. But it was bloody...

So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. 

Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class.  

Long live revolution! Long live socialism!"

We are doomed.

A Massachusetts family yesterday somehow got lost in a novelty corn maze, even through there are signs everywhere telling you how to get out. 

They called 911 begging to have rescue teams come find them, instead of the thing that calls itself the father in charge of the family A) following the signs, B) walking between the stalks or C) just pushing the stalks aside. 

“We came in during the day time and we got completely lost and we have no idea where we are,” the caller told the 911 operator.  “I’m really scared. It’s really dark and we’ve got a 3-week-old baby with us.”

It's a corn field, not Alcatraz.

"Police quickly alerted farm management of the family’s situation, and sent a rescue team, K-9 unit and all, to the farm," ABC News reports.

It took the police just five minutes to find them, 25 feet from the exit, and escort them out.

"(Farm owner Bob) Connor said the family is the first this year to get stuck in the maze, which features maps and signs along the way to help people find their way," ABC News reports.

At least the farm owner isn't an incompetent eunuch.

“We are going to put a mark in the area where the family got lost,” Connor told “GMA.”  “We’re going to say ‘This is the famous point where the family got lost.’”

A man walks into a novelty corn maze, can't follow signs, doesn't even think to walk between the rows or just push the stalks aside and calls 911 in a panic? 

This country is in a severe masculinity crisis.  

OccupyWallStreet: Our insane death threats are not 'hate speech'

A little peek into the 140-character mind of Occupy Wall Street:
you plan 2 fight against the 99 we lop heads off a few white kids you will fall in line #occupywallstreet
@dwstweets the #Teabaggers will get what is coming to them. Do not post with #occupywallstreet that is your only warning
cant wait to see the horror in your eyes when the executioner of justice picks you as an example #occupyamerica
the 99% are coming for you #occupywallstreet
I will fly into a blind rage if people call me a woman b-----s should be serving my f-----g food I'm not one of the
i have beat the s--t out of idiots for less than what you are doing now a-s f--k
Promptly followed by:
show me one example of #hatespeech by #occupywallstreet
no such thing as progressive hate speech #occupywallstreet