Bullock's incompetence, corruption may have handed US Senate to GOP and ended the Obama agenda

Who is Montana's Democrat Governor Steve Bullock?

Other than being hideously corrupt, he's the man who may have singlehandledly killed the rest of Obama's presidency and kept the U.S. Supreme Court conservative for another 30 years.

Right now polls indicate if Republicans take the Senate, it will be by one or two seats.

One the seats almost certain to flip from Democrat to Republican is in Montana, which has been held by Democrats for 100 years.

How does a seat go from being held by Democrats for 100 years to, according to political statistician Nate Silver, being a 99% lock to go Republican?

When Senator Max Baucus became U.S. Ambassador to China, Bullock had no shortage of safe Democrat picks to fill the seat.

Instead, he appointed his Lieutenant Governor, John Walsh, despite a raft of past scandals including an Army Inspector General report admonishing Walsh for improper behavior, and employees testifying Walsh ordered them to give state contracts to the highest bidder.

Predictably, one of those scandals popped up.  Walsh was caught having had plagiarized his college thesis.

Bullock's appointee to the Senate had to drop out of the race for his own seat.

But Bullock had a chance to redeem himself and back a replacement candidate who could run a competitive race against Steve Daines, and possibly even win.

Instead, he put his weight behind a one-term state representative who had never faced an actual race, or background check.

Amanda Curtis turned out to be a member of a radical socialist group that openly supports cop killers and vows to "overthrow capitalism."  She also recorded videos where she mocks Christians and talks about how she wants to physically assault people for having different political views.

Montana's U.S Senate seat has been held by Democrats for 100 years.  And Steve Bullock fumbled it away to Republicans.  Twice.

If Republicans take the U.S. Senate by one seat, it means none of Obama's proposals will reach his desk and, more importantly, any nominee to any Supreme Court vacancy will not be the liberal activist he wanted.

If that happens, send Montana's bumbling, corrupt Governor Steve Bullock flowers.  His incompetence and gross disregard for ethics may have brought an early end to the Obama agenda.