Obama supporter calls for the rape of Ryan's 13-year-old daughter

Tim Bitici loves the idea of raping young girls.
From Twitter:

I hope Ryan's daughter gets f---ked and pregnant at 13. 

(Edited for profanity in the original.)

That would be Tim Bitici, contributing fashion editor, stylist and art director for "A" magazine published by Rizzoli International Publications, as well as an editor at Conde Nast's Fairchild magazine.

According to his bio "he also also worked on numerous international advertising campaigns from Pepe Jeans, Lane Bryant, Avon, Maybeline, Kenneth Cole, Burton, Target and many Bridal Campaigns."

The Wash. Post calls Biden a liar on birth control

"Vice President Biden said the Affordable Care Act would not require religious groups to finance coverage of birth control," The Washington Post reports. "Biden was referring to the so-called contraceptive mandate, which requires insurers to provide coverage for birth control without charging additional co-payments."

"...there are still unsettled issues in this matter, so Biden went a bit far saying it is a fact that they will not pay for contraceptives.

"Some church organizations still object to the mandate despite the exemption for religion-affiliated groups, arguing that they could end up paying for birth control indirectly if the mandate causes their health insurance costs to rise."

Obama's so-called exemption covers only direct fees for birth control, which must be covered.  Insurers will raise overall rates to cover the costs, which means religious groups are still forced against their will to fund birth control.

"Furthermore, the Obama administration said in March that it will come up with an accommodation for religiously affiliated employers that self-insure, but it has not yet decided how to handle that seven months later."

Video: Even NBC calls Biden a liar

NBC blows up Biden's opening lie, about Libya

$2.5 billion in taxpayer funds propel Al Gore into 'the 1% '

When Al Gore left the White House in 2001, he was worth less than $2 million.  Today he is worth over $100 million.


Fourteen so-called "green" companies with ties to Al Gore have pocketed a combined $2.5 billion in taxpayer funds thanks to "green energy" programs pushed by Barack Obama, The Washington Post reports.
Gore’s investments coincided with the government’s largest investment in clean tech. A full 10 percent, estimated at $80 billion to $90 billion, of the 2009 stimulus package was devoted to clean energy.
Like thousands of other companies, those Gore invested in entered the competition for a piece of the pie. (An administration official said more than 80 percent of applicants the first year were turned away.) Several companies in Gore’s portfolio emerged as winners. Of the 11 companies he mentioned in his 2008 slide show, nine received or directly benefited from stimulus or clean energy funding.
Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), who chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee and is a leading critic of clean tech funding, said Gore’s portfolio “is reflective of a disturbing pattern that those closest to the president have been rewarded with billions of taxpayer dollars . . . and benefited from the administration’s green bonanza in the rush to spend stimulus cash.”

New ad exposes Arizona Dem Senate candidate Richard Carmona's personal violence towards women

The ad features Dr. Cristina V. Beato, Acting Assistant Secretary of Health in the Department of Health and Human Services from 2003 to 2005, speaking directly to the camera.  Dr. Beato talks about two different occasions in which Carmona stalked her over workplace issues.

Obama personally asked Carmona to run for Senate, even after sworn testimony revealing his ethics issues and violent attitude toward women.


There was an angry counting on the door in the middle of the night

I'm a single mom

I feared for my kids and for myself

It was richard car mona

And i was his boss.

Carmen is not who he seems

He has issues with anger, with ethics, and with women

I have testified to this under oath to Congress.

Richard Carmona should never, ever be in the U.S. Senate