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"Abortion is a womens' issue" debunked again. By women.

Some encouraging news from the latest Rasmussen Reports polling:

Nearly half (48%) of U.S. voters continue to believe that an abortion is too easy to obtain in this country, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Fifteen percent (15%) say it’s too hard to get an abortion in America, and 23% think the level of difficulty is about right. Fourteen percent (14%) are not sure.

This is in line with findings on this question in surveys for over four years now.

Well, clearly that's because men are anti-choice and skewing the polling! After all, isn't securing an unfettered right to an abortion a "woman's issue" and aren't candidates with pro-life views "throwing away the womens' vote?"

"Women (53%) feel more strongly than men (42%) that abortions are too easy to get...58% of women believe that abortion is morally wrong in most cases, compared to 49% of men.

The poll finds "forty-nine percent (49%) of all voters describe themselves as pro-choice, while 43% say they are pro-life." I'd like to see a breakdown of the "pro-choice" and pro-life segment by what they define that as. Many people who describe themselves as pro-choice will, when asked to define that position, express outright opposition to the use of abortion as birth control, supporting abortion only in the cases of rape, incest and endangerment of the mothers' life, positions no "pro-choicer" would ever embrace -- except when it can be lumped in with their numbers to claim a "pro-choice" majority.

But looking again at the breakdown by sex,one of the reasons men are more "pro-choice" than women is because ending a pregnancy and leaving a woman without children makes her sexually available again. Male lions, for example, will often eat newborn cubs to "turn off" a lioness' maternal hormones and bring her back into heat for breeding again.

Could it be that abortion is simply an animalistic way for men to control women, and that supporting the right to life is the true "womens' agenda?" Scientific polling, and basic biology, seem to agree.


FactCheck: Obama lied. Republicans won't fix Social Security.

The Washington Examiner's David Freddoso points us to this gem from FactCheck. "The president claims Republican leaders are as eager to 'privatize' Social Security as they are to repeal his health care law. That's not true."

We find the president’s claim to be mostly false.

■Few if any Republicans now in Congress have ever pushed for total "privatization" of Social Security. What President Bush proposed in 2005 was to allow workers under the age of 55 to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in private accounts. Most of their taxes would have continued to go into traditional Social Security.
■Bush’s proposal to create private accounts had so little Republican support in 2005 — when the GOP controlled both the House and Senate — that it was never introduced as formal legislation. We’ve seen no evidence to suggest the idea is any more popular among Republicans now.
■Only one Republican "leader" is currently pushing publicly for Bush-style private accounts, as part of an overall budget plan. He is Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the senior GOP member of the House Budget Committee. His plan currently has only 13 cosponsors, none of them in the GOP House leadership.

In other words, Obama was lying when he claimed Republicans of having small government principles. Not sure if the GOP should be excited about that one.