Independent voters not buying Obama's rhetoric

I guess I wasn't the only one.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds most Americans do not believe key assertions Barack Obama made about the economy in Thursday's address to Congress.

Most people only look at a poll's overall findings. While still the accurate snapshot of the total picture, they are influenced by the partisan beliefs of Democrats and Republicans which are largely immobile and not what drives most change in poll numbers.

That factor is independent voters. And for a president elected on a much-ballyhooed power to win independent voters, the numbers don't look good.

"We cut taxes for 95 percent of working families."

Only 21 percent of voters believe that misleading assertion. 53 percent say it is simply not true and other polls show a majority of voters believe Obama will eventually raise their taxes.

Rasmussen finds very, very few independent voters thought Obama was telling the truth (I don't have the exact figure because I'm too cheap to spring for the $19.95 subscription to get crosstabs.) Obama should be deeply disturbed by the fact even Democrats can't agree if he's telling the truth. According to the poll's findings "34 percent [of Democrats] say the tax cuts have been delivered, 29 percent say they haven’t, and 38 percent are not sure."

"There are about two million Americans working right now who would otherwise be unemployed."

Only 35 percent of voters believe that misleading statement. Fifty (50) percent say it is simply false.

The numbers are even worse for Obama among voters who decide elections. Just 24 percent of independent voters say that statement is true. Fifty-nine (59) percent say Obama's statement was false.

“After two years of recession, the economy is growing again.”

Just 35 percent of voters believe that misleading statement is true. Again, 50 percent say it is false. While new numbers show what appears to be growth in the economy, most of it is figures on inventory which are not necessarily indicitive of healthy growth.

Oddly enough, when Obama first proposed his "stimulus" package a year ago, economists predicted that had it not passed, the economy would begin growing at the end of 2009.

Among independent voters, a whopping 60 percent said Obama was not telling the truth when he said the economy was growing again.

Other poll findings

* Obama is trying to sell a college loan program that cuts sweetheart deals for government workers at a time when 51 percent of Americans, and likely an even larger share of voters, say government employees are paid too much.

* Why is Obama now offering empty words about tax cuts after stubborn insistence that only government bloat could rejuvenate the economy? Sixty-one (61) percent of voters say tax cuts are good for the economy and 53 percent say the same about cutting government spending. Both of those are growing numbers.

Overall, it's not a pretty picture for a president elected on a promise to govern as a centrist, only to aggressively ram through Congress a left-wing agenda badly out of step with the American electorate.