#OccupyDC overrun with rats, meth, al Qaeda, Hamas & Hezbollah flags

Apparently conditions at Occupy DC's McPherson Square camp have deteriorated since I last stopped by. 

I used to drop by every Saturday several years back when the homeless controlled the park.  It was always clean and never smelled back, but somehow Occupy DC managed to do what the homeless couldn't -- make the entire park covered in trash and reeking of feces.  But they were tolerated because they were somewhat quiet and respectful.

Now Washington Times national security reporter Bill Gertz reports conditions are no downright dangerous.  You may follow Gertz on Twitter at @billgertz.

Gertz reports rats "appear to be moving into the area by the hundreds, and their numbers are increasing daily" and "one distinctive smell coming from the park area is that of methamphetamine being smoked."

And if that weren't charming enough the Democrat Party darlings, whom Obama is still proud to stand with, are zealously flying the flags of "the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and al Qaeda," Gertz adds.

Why are Democrats still standing with these animals?  I predict we'll see a lot of ads tying radical Democrats to this violent, angry, anti-American hate movement.

Dems cheer as Occupy Denver invades, heckles homeless memorial service

Why are Democrats, and Obama, still standing with these evil, subhuman animals?

Read as Democrats cheer and applaud Occupy Denver for organizing as a mob and heckling a ceremony honoring homeless men and women who died on the streets.

As The Denver Post reports:

A traditionally solemn candlelight vigil for people who died on Denver's streets was disrupted tonight by a loud, angry Occupy Denver group...

...They shouted "fascist" and other slurs as Mayor Michael Hancock stepped forward to deliver the city's annual address on homelessness. 
Hancock pleaded with them to show civility to the families and respect for the 136 men and women whose names would eventually be called...
...Other people in the audience shouted things in reply, including "show some respect" and "grow up."

It didn't work.

As the names of those who had died were called, many, if not all, Occupy Denver members refused to say, "We will remember."

"It's disgraceful," said Cynthia Ingram, who had traveled from Buffalo, N.Y., for the event to honor a cousin on the list.

"This isn't about their political agenda; it's about our family some sympathy and showing just a little bit of respect for the dead. I am so angry right now."

Ingram said she had previously agreed with the Occupy mission, but did not respect the outbursts at tonight's Homeless Persons' Memorial Vigil.

So just which fat cat corporatist did these Occupy animals choose to attack, disrupt and bully?

The event, put on annually by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, is in its 22nd year, and this year attracted several hundred people.

The memorial included the names of 136 homeless people who died this year — 21 women, 115 men, who ranged from 20 to 76 years old.

Causes of death included pneumonia, hypothermia, heart attacks, drug or alcohol abuse, traffic accidents and suicides, according to the coalition.

"As we honor those who have passed, let us keep in mind those who are still on the street," said John Parvensky, president of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

He said most Americans have a life expectancy of about 80 years, but for the homeless, life spans range between 42 and 52 years old.

The list of names is on the coalition's website at http://www.coloradocoalition.org.

Go here to read as Democrats cheer them on and applaud them for targeting a charity with nasty, profane posts.

Do the fine people at the Colorado Coalition who were subjected to this subhuman attack a favor and make a donation this blessed holiday season by going here.

ObamaCare supporters. Like sheep lead to slaughter.

Earlier today I tweeted "#40dollars buys a pain pill when ObamaCare declines Grandma's hip replacement."

A clueless liberal screeched that was a lie and ObamaCare forces insurers to cover the hip replacement. 
I explain to her "pain pill v. surgery" was OBAMA's statement explaining how he'd stop insurers from covering "unnecessary" procedures like giving Grandma the ability to walk and not suffer. 

I feel sorry for ObamaCare supporters who will be shocked to find they end up with less coverage.  Their lives are at stake.

Sheila Jackson Lee claims Republicans are setting Christmas trees on fire

"I am watching the trees and the lights in people's homes...you get closer to their tree and you see them beginning to pop and burn as the Christmas tree burns, and those who have lights in their homes, CANDLES, you see them burning to the very end, it is extinguished.  They are putting the American people in darkness!"