It's come to this. Liberals claim Michigan's economy healthier than Texas'

If you think Paul Krugman's "we need an alien invasion to stimulate the economy" desperation was silly, hold on to your antennae.  Multi-million-dollar propaganda group ThinkProgress (created to oppose both activities) is actually claiming Michigan has a healthier economy than Texas. 

Their logic, if you can follow this, is if State A LOSES 1,000,000 jobs and 1,000,001 people leave, and State B CREATES 1,000,000 jobs and 1,000,001 people move there looking for them, State A's economy is healthier than State B's because State A has positive job-to-labor force growth and State B has negative job-to-labor-force growth.

Buffetts dishonest tax hike scheme unravels under the pull of truth

Ari Fleischer points out what I've been pointing out.  Warren Buffett intentionally structured his compensation package so he takes capital gains instead of salary to avoid paying the higher tax rate (income tax,) then dishonestly complains his income tax rates are too low.  Weasel.
RT @mkhammer RT @AriFleischer Couldn't get just give himself a salary instead of capital gains & get the higher tax rate he desires?