Democrats to force parents to provide babysitters with paid assistants, paid vacations

Democrats are steamrolling a bill through the California Assembly to force families to provide babysitters with "a substitute caregiver every two hours to cover rest and meal breaks, in addition to workers' compensation coverage, overtime pay, and a meticulously calculated timecard/paycheck."

The bill has already passed the Assembly and is quickly moving through the Senate with blanket support from the Democrat members that control both houses of the Legislature – and without the support of a single Republican member. Assuming the bill will easily clear its last couple of legislative hurdles, AB 889 will soon be on its way to the Governor's desk.

Under AB 889, household “employers” (aka “parents”) who hire a babysitter on a Friday night will be legally obligated to pay at least minimum wage to any sitter over the age of 18 (unless it is a family member), provide a substitute caregiver every two hours to cover rest and meal breaks, in addition to workers' compensation coverage, overtime pay, and a meticulously calculated timecard/paycheck.

Failure to abide by any of these provisions may result in a legal cause of action against the employer including cumulative penalties, attorneys' fees, legal costs and expenses associated with hiring expert witnesses, an unprecedented measure of legal recourse provided no other class of workers – from agricultural laborers to garment manufacturers. (On the bright side, language requiring an hour of paid vacation time for every 30 hours worked was amended out of the bill in the Senate.)

The result would be families would simply put their children in the care of heavily unionized child and adult care institutions, meaning more cash in the bank accounts of Democrat campaigns.

How longer will Californians allow Democrats to use them as piggy banks Democrats can take a hammer to whenever union bosses want more money?

Penn. dumps destructive ‘green’ programs as job losses, utility bills skyrocket

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:
(Excerpted) The Corbett administration is de-emphasizing renewable energy and energy conservation, eliminating programs created by previous Democratic and Republican administrations as it focuses on natural gas energy from booming Marcellus Shale.
Quietly but systematically, the administration has all but shut down the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Energy and Technology Deployment — the state’s primary energy office — and removed directors and reassigned staff in the Office of Energy Management in the Department of General Services and the Governor’s Green Government Council.
It has also forbidden state executive agencies from signing contracts that support clean energy supply…
…The administration’s prohibition against sustainable and alternative energy purchases reverses a policy that by the beginning of this year, had the state buying 50 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, according to PennFuture, and made it “a national leader in the development of the clean energy economy.”…
…Pennsylvania is not the only state reassessing or reducing sustainable energy, energy conservation and renewables portfolio standards policy. Governors and legislators have voiced similar concerns in Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, according to the Pew Research Center.
“Even Tom Corbett, who is still dedicated to the job-killing radical environmentalist agenda, silently admits ‘green jobs’ are a hoax and Expensive Energy Mandates kill jobs,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.  “Even Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania can no longer suffer the crippling burden of the low-jobs, high-cost Gang Green agenda.”

Obama swings EPA club in latest assault on jobs, affordable energy

The Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board writes Tuesday morning:
(Excerpted)…The EPA is currently pushing an unprecedented rewrite of air-pollution rules in an attempt to shut down a large portion of the coal-fired power fleet. Though these regulations are among the most expensive in the agency’s history, none were demanded by the late Pelosi Congress. They’re all the result of purely bureaucratic discretion under the Clean Air Act, last revised in 1990.
As it happens, those 1990 amendments contain an overlooked proviso that would let Mr. Obama overrule EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s agenda. With an executive order, he could exempt all power plants “from compliance with any standard or limitation” for two years, or even longer using rolling two-year periods. All he has to declare is “that the technology to implement such standard is not available and that it is in the national security interests of the United States to do so.”
Both criteria are easily met. Most important, the EPA’s regulatory cascade is a clear and present danger to the reliability and stability of the U.S. power system and grid. The spree affects plants that provide 40% of U.S. baseload capacity in the U.S., and almost half of U.S. net generation. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, which is charged with ensuring the integrity of the power supply, reported this month in a letter to the Senate that 81 gigawatts of generating capacity is “very likely” or “likely” to be subtracted by 2018 amid coal plant retirements and downgrades.
That’s about 8% of all U.S. generating capacity. Merely losing 56 gigawatts—a midrange scenario in line with FERC and industry estimates—is the equivalent of wiping out all power generation for Florida and Mississippi.
In practice, this will mean blackouts and rolling brownouts, as well as spiking rates for consumers. If a foreign power or terrorists wiped out 8% of U.S. capacity, such as through a cyber attack, it would rightly be considered an act of war. The EPA is in effect undermining the national security concept of “critical infrastructure”—assets essential to the functioning of society and the economy that Mr. Obama has an obligation to protect.
He would also be well within the law to declare that the EPA’s rules are technologically infeasible. Later this year, for example, the EPA will release regulations requiring utilities to further limit mercury and other hazardous pollutants. Full compliance will be required by 2015, merely 36 months after the final rule is public, and plants that can’t be upgraded in time will be required to shut down.
“Obama will not issue such an order because his stated goal is to ‘bankrupt’ the coal industry.  His avowed purpose, through this regulatory gut-punch and his “cap and tax” National Energy Tax scheme, is to eliminate affordable energy,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.

“Radical environmentalists have repeatedly shouted their assertion the United States are too prosperous and too powerful, and eliminating our access to jobs and affordable energy is an act of social and environmental ‘justice.’  After decades of palling around with radical green leftists like Van Jones, Obama is pushing this EPA rule a the enforcement mechanism for his radical liberal agenda,” said Ferguson.

“Obama’s latest EPA assault is so radical and economically devastating even Nancy Pelosi didn’t want her name on it.  They’ve farmed this economic out to their nameless political assassins in the EPA bureaucracy.  This is precisely why we must have a recorded vote on the REINS Act.  The REINS Act requires any proposed federal regulation with an economic impact greater than $100 million to be openly voted upon by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President.  Predictably, environmentalists are violently opposed this simple reform to restore clean, transparent rule-making,” said Ferguson.

Nancy Pelosi goes

As the failure of the Obama agenda becomes more apparent, the Left continues to plunge deeper into total psychiatric meltdown.

I have no idea which is more blisteringly insane:

A) Pelosi's claim the rich pay no taxes.
B) Her apparent assertion taxes drain your life force, or
C) Her claim Republicans are responsible for the current wave of banks eliminating free checking when it was Democrat legislation that outlaws it because Democrats claimed "no fee" checking was bait to attract the poor.

In just two minutes and fifty-eight seconds, her desperate attempt to rationalize away the world around her managed to make Lyndon LaRouche look balanced and lucid.

Question for you constitutional law-types

If the Elks, Boy Scouts, VFW or NRA wanted to hold a meeting at my business I could easily tell them no, as they have no right to organize on my private property.

Why then can a labor union legally use my private property to organize against me?

Shouldn't the First Amendment's protection of my freedom of association, which include the freedom not to associate, from infringement by government action allow me to tell a labor union to ram it sideways?

41% of Penn. voters say Obama made economy worse

The latest Muhlenberg College poll of registered voters finds President Barack Obama's approval rating in Pennsylvania has plummeted to just 35 percent.  Obama won the state by 10 points in 2008.

"Asked if Obama's policies have helped or hurt the economy, just 23 percent said helped, 41 percent said hurt and 32 percent said his policies haven't made a difference," the Allentown Morning Call reports (emphasis added.)

But all is not lost.

"If there is any silver lining in the poll for Obama, it's that 31% of Pennsylvanians say their vote in November 2012 will depend on who the Republican candidate is. And Obama still slightly edges out an anonymous GOP contender 36 percent to 31%,"  The Morning Call reports.

Yes, more than two-thirds of voters have essentially already made up their minds and the sitting president gets just 36 percent of the vote against an anonymous contender -- and that's the good news.

Great comment left on 'The Economist's' Facebook page

(From a posting of an Economist story on the Iowa straw poll)

"those with small but devoted followings, such as Ron Paul, a libertarian from Texas" - so small a following his son is now Senator from Kentucky, so fringe he predicted the economic collapse and explained it from the Austrian economics perspective, so marginal he was godfather of the Tea Party, so out-of-touch with mainstream America he is the only anti-war, non-interventionist candidate thus reflecting the wishes of the majority of Americans exhausted from wasted decades of Empire, so protective of Liberty he voted against the Patriot Act and fights for our diminished civil liberties. Could be Ron Paul will surprise since his message actually resonates? (Michael B Libenson)

More 'green' waste. $367K in deficit spending to create each job.

700 Ohio "green" jobs lost as stimulus funds run out.  $267 million that is.  Liberals shrieking this is proof the "stimulus" created jobs, but they make sure to leave out the math.  700 jobs at $267 million works out to $367,429 in deficit spending per job. 

They don't care about creating jobs, they care about laundering tax dollars through government unions to fatten Democrats' campaign accounts.

Obama's jobs plan stimulates market activity. Just not the activity you want.

Obama announces his jobs plan that was supposed to be a major announcement with a month-long build-up is just a do-over of his failed stimulus and a tax credit for new hires, an old idea that's already been rejected because it doesn't work.

Dow plunges 500 points as employers realize Obama won't drop his plans to punish them for creating prosperity.

Green politician claims gas drilling conspiracy gives ‘the womenfolk’ STDs

Environmental activist and Pennsylvania Democrat State Rep. Michael Sturla managed to insult both workers and women when, in an e-mail to a reporter, he implied the state’s women are promiscuous, claimed that natural gas drilling gives “womenfolk” sexually transmitted diseases, and further claimed the government behind a conspiracy to cover up the supposed natural gas/STD epidemic.

“Michael Sturla owes Pennsylvania’s energy sector workers an apology for insanely accusing them of spreading diseases, and he owe women an apology for suggesting they are promiscuous  and only ‘the womenfolk’ can get STDs,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.

“I hope the tinfoil wrapped around Michael Sturla’s head is recyclable,” said Ferguson.

Amazingly, after telling reporters that Pennsylvania women are promiscuous, that natural gas development causes STDs and the government is covering it up, Sturla is still the Democrat Policy Chairman for the Pennsylvania State House.

“If that’s who Pennsylvania’s House Democrats have put in charge of their policy, they all owe their constituents an apology.  Michael Sturla continues to prove there’s no science or truth whatsoever behind environmentalist claims about natural gas drilling.  They’ll simply make up whatever story they think will terrorize people out of a job.  Sturla’s insane rant is yet another of the scare stories about clean, safe resource development are utterly insane lies,” said Ferguson.

“After an ill-advised relationship with environmentalists, Michael Sturla is trying to infect his constituents with unemployment and poverty.  The only epidemic threatening Pennsylvania is the irrational campaign of lies spread by the anti-jobs environmentalist lobby and Michael Sturla’s case of malignant stupidity and misogyny,” said Ferguson.

Help get the truth and scientific facts out about clean, safe natural gas development.  Go here to chip in $10 to support American Tradition Partnership’s grassroots army, and their effort to counter the lies and fear tactics of environmentalists.

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Why isn't the private sector hiring? Government unions.

The single biggest bankroller of elections in this country are unions, but unions find themselves in a pinch because they re dying out.  Workers in all employment sectors but one are abandoning unions as they become more bloated, abusive and outdated.

The only employment sector where union member is growing is government.  The ballooning number of government employees, and the taxpayer-funded dues they pay, over the last four decades is the only thing keeping the lucrative union racket in business and keeping liberal election machines oiled, which is precisely why President John Kennedy wrote the executive order reversing federal policy and allowing government employees to unionize and create political campaign accounts.

In order to keep millions of dollars pumping into Democrat election coffers, Democrats must keep cranking out new government jobs.

How do you do that?

In Obama's case, you do that by more than doubling the pace of creation of new regulations.

Because Obama has more than doubled the pace of creation of new regulations, with no regard for whether or not regulations are needed or even accomplish their stated purpose.

Why has Obama more than doubled the pace of creation of new regulations, with no regard for whether or not regulations are needed or even accomplish their stated purpose?

Because more government regulations require new government employees to administer them.

More government employees means more union dues accounts financed by taxpayers.

New union accounts financed by taxpayers means more cash in the political campaign accounts of union bosses.

More cash in the political campaign accounts of union bosses means more cash in the political campaign accounts of Democrat politicians.

More cash in the political campaign accounts of Democrat politicians means more Democrat politicians in office who will vote to further accelerate the creation of new government regulations.

What you have is a self-replicating parasite.

Which brings us to the current stagnation in private employment.

Why aren't companies creating jobs? 

No company is going to make the long-term investment of new employees when they know it's just a matter of time before the White House dumps a mountain of new regulations on them.

So why are so many Americans unemployed?

Because Barack Obama and the Democrat political machine are more interested harnessing the regulatory state to transfer taxpayer cash into their political campaign accounts.

Want to bring back the economy, and restore prosperity?

Repeal the laws and executive orders allowing government unions.

It's come to this. Liberals claim Michigan's economy healthier than Texas'

If you think Paul Krugman's "we need an alien invasion to stimulate the economy" desperation was silly, hold on to your antennae.  Multi-million-dollar propaganda group ThinkProgress (created to oppose both activities) is actually claiming Michigan has a healthier economy than Texas. 

Their logic, if you can follow this, is if State A LOSES 1,000,000 jobs and 1,000,001 people leave, and State B CREATES 1,000,000 jobs and 1,000,001 people move there looking for them, State A's economy is healthier than State B's because State A has positive job-to-labor force growth and State B has negative job-to-labor-force growth.

Buffetts dishonest tax hike scheme unravels under the pull of truth

Ari Fleischer points out what I've been pointing out.  Warren Buffett intentionally structured his compensation package so he takes capital gains instead of salary to avoid paying the higher tax rate (income tax,) then dishonestly complains his income tax rates are too low.  Weasel.
RT @mkhammer RT @AriFleischer Couldn't get just give himself a salary instead of capital gains & get the higher tax rate he desires?

To Virginia Democrats modern Africa is still 'Deepest and Darkest'

I've now gotten two mailings from Democrat state senate candidate Libby Garvey talking about her Peace Corps service in Africa.

The backgrounds on both were old-time "Deepest, Darkest Africa"-style maps of the then-colonial continent, despite the fact she was there in 1977.

Are savages and jungles really the images Democrats conjure up when they think of Africa?

Democrats propose connecting diverging points by subtracting from flat number, adding to skyrocketing number

Why do we have a budget gap?

Well, total U.S. net worth fell from around $65T in 2007 to around $54T in 2009

Per capita gross domestic product fell from around $48,000 to around $47,000.

Liberals shriek revenues fell because taxes are too low, but the numbers clearly show revenues fell because the tax base shrank.

Spending, on the other hand, grew at a kudzu pace, from $2.73 trillion in federal outlays in 2007 to $3.107 trillion in 2009.

So the tax base is shrinking, while the tax consumption in accelerating.

In fact, just the debt run up by Obama alone, $6.4 trillion, completely outstrips the combined net worth of every billionaire on the planet, $4.5 trillion.
Government spending isn't just growing while the available tax base is shrinking, you could confiscate the entire earnings and possessions of everyone on the planet and still not have enough money to pay off the kind of spending Democrats propose.

That’s how you expand the gap.

The liberal solution to close the gap between the rising number and the shrinking number?

They want to subtract from the shrinking number and add it to the growing number, claiming it will make the two numbers closer together.

That’s like trying to get rid of a pothole by blasting it out.

'Accuse your opponents of what you yourself are doing.'

"The problem," Obama said, "is that we've got the kind of partisan brinksmanship that is willing to put party ahead of country...nowhere was that more evident than in this recent debt ceiling debacle."  
Says the man who refused to offer a plan, pushing us to default, because details would hurt his party in an election.

Buffett tax hike call would let him gorge on tax dollars

Why is Warren Buffett calling for higher taxes on billionaires?

A) He's structured his own compensation package so most of his billion-dollar fortune isn't subject to those taxes,

B) Much of his billions are invested in municipal bonds and tax-funded energy projects.

By jacking up taxes on billionaires he pumps his own pockets with cash he avoids income taxes on.  He's playing you for a chump.

Alec Baldwin: $9.5M luxury condo is 'middle class'

Alec Baldwin, star of the wildly successful "The Shadow."

Alec Baldwin, star of such films as "Pearl Harbor," "Mercury Rising" and "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," says he made the tremendous sacrifice of living in a $9.5 million dollar home in an exclusive high-rise because "it seems more middle class," entitling him to lecture others on the plight of the poor as a liberal activist.

The media are suddenly silent about the 'gender gap'

Remember during the Bush administration how the media obsessively reported on polls showing he was less popular with women than men?
CNN/ORC poll, August 1, 2011
Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president? 
Men: Disapprove 52%, Approve 48%
Women: Disapprove 54%, Approve 44%
Not only is Obama's disapproval higher among women than men, his negative approval gap is wider five times larger among women than men.

Where are the clucked-tongue stories from the media on this?

Eat the rich! (And starve)

Liberals love to shriek that we could pay off the debt if we just raised taxes on the rich. 

That's a delusion. 

You could confiscate the entire net worth of every billionaire on the planet ($4.5T) and it wouldn't even cover the debt Obama has racked up ($6.4T.) 

The problem with Obama's neophyte socialism is we have indeed run out of other people's money.

Mitt Romney is right

I hate to defend Mitt Romney (Ron Paul 2012!,) but he's right. 

Corporations ARE people. 

“Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. Where do you think it goes?,” Romney elucidated in Iowa. 

And who know who the majority of those people are?  The mindless union parrots who squawk that corporations need their profits confiscated.  Most of those eeeevil corporate shareholders just happen to be union pension plans. 

In the words of condescending liberals, "they're voting against their own interests."

I say give union drones their wish.  Confiscate half of all corporate profits -- their retirement funds.

He also called for the construction of the first-ever "transcontinental railroad"

Robert Reich claims the economy is faltering under Obama because he hasn't proposed stimulating the economy through a "bold plan" of government spending.  

He then asked the post office to stop forwarding his mail to the rock he's been living under for two and a half years.

Two more 'I'll beat Cuccinelli' mailers from frantic Dems

Just went to the mailbox to grab yesterday's delivery.  Two more mailings  from candidates in the Democrat state senate primary, all of whom vow to defeat Ken Cuccinelli (FYI: Ken Cuccinelli is not their Republican opponent, or even a state senator.  He is Virginia's attorney general.) In fact, every mailing I've gotten this month is all about Cuccinelli.

It must drive them insane to know he has a +18 approval rating.

Liberals attempt rationalize away Cuccinelli's broad popularity by saying he only has a +18 approval rating because voters don't know his positions on guns, abortion and "climate change."

Really? When have the media ever mentioned his name outside those contexts?

The fact his approval rating is growing as he pushes those issues is what is freaking them out and driving them sink to increasingly desperate depths to attack him.

Union fail: Recall targets INCREASED their margin of victory vs. 2008

The union bosses are still insisting they "won" in Wisconsin because the vote totals against winning Republican incumbents prove their support diminished. 

That is yet another lie. 

Two of the four had opponents in 2008, giving us numbers to compare.  Both of them got a greater percentage of vote in the Democrat-led recall than they did in 2008. 

Sheila Hasdorf was elected in 2008 with 55 percent of the vote.  Despite being outspent in the Democrat-led recall she INCREASED her margin of victory to 58 percent.

Alberta Darling was elected in 2008 with 50 percent of the vote.  Despite being outspent in the Democrat-led recall she INCREASED her margin of victory to 54 percent.

How does your opponent INCREASE their margin of victory in an election you led and outspent them in?  This continues to be a total faceplant by the union bosses.
I'm listening to a guy call into a radio show to complain that no one is using overpriced union labor to produce cars and electronics anymore. 

More specifically, he's speaking into a cell phone while listening to a satellite radio program in his family's second car, none of which he could have afforded 30 years ago.

Their spin cycle is off balance

Despondent Dems are claiming their Wisconsin loss was a victory because they beat two "unbeatable," "safe" Republicans.

That's yet another lie.

Hopper won his seat with 50.05%, Kapanke with 51.38%. Hopper narrowly lost after cheating on his wife with a capitol aide and Kapanke after using a lobbyist's charity to pay off personal debts.

Apparently Ken Cuccinelli is running for state senate in Alexandria.

I now have a fifth mailing from a Democrat claiming he or she is running to beat him in November. 

Too bad for them his statewide approval rating is +18.

Union bosses failing in Michigan recall as well

Despite collecting fewer than half the 807,000 signatures needed to recall Governor Rick Snyder by the Aug. 6 deadline, the effort to oust the first-term governor will continue, the Lansing State Journal reports.

The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder is now retooling for a new Sept. 29 deadline, which would put the recall question on the February ballot, said communication director Tom Bryant.
Union bosses in union stronghold Michigan may fail to even petition for a recall, and are all but certain to lose even if they manage to. 

Usually to miss your target that badly your name has to be Garrett Gilbert.
Before conservatives start gloating about Wisconsin being a bellwether election, remember your recent history. Democrats won five of six special elections in 2009 and 2010. Special elections are not reliable indicators, the 14 months between now and November 2012 are nine political lives and Obama's team know how to organize and turn out (as you should, too.)

Dems using debt crisis to shake down campaign contributions?

Harry Reid named Patty Murray to the debt Super Committee today, naming her Co-Chair. 

That would be the same Patty Murray whose job it is to leverage as much campaign money as possible for Senate Dems.  The Committee will have power to make proposed changes to tax law.

Democrats continue to cheer London riots, repeat calls for U.S. violence.

More proof that, at its heart, liberalism is a religion of hate with violence and mayhem as its sacraments.

ZombieHorde: "Rape is horrible; looting is wonderful."

coalition_unwilling: "When the urban proletariat resists (as is the case here), we quickly adopt the language and forms of the ruling classes to marginalize, demonize and ostracise said resistance."

nadinbrzezinski: "Decades of individualism, competition and state-encouraged selfishness – combined with a systematic crushing of unions and the ever-increasing criminalisation of dissent – have made Britain one of the most unequal countries in the developed world.  Images of burning buildings, cars aflame and stripped-out shops may provide spectacular fodder for a restless media, ever hungry for new stories and fresh groups to demonise, but we will understand nothing of these events if we ignore the history and the context in which they occur."

WarrenStupidity: "what is going on in Great Britain is a widespread uprising, a massive outburst of violent discontent, and I refuse to condemn that."

GliderGuider: "I don't need to find their actions admirable to see them as necessary. I think it's an essential expression of the rage and disempowerment of an entire class of human beings. This is the only avenue they have open to get to a microphone. I don't care if they don't overtly politicize their actions. To brand them with the hot iron of the word "recreational" is a colossal failure of empathy. It betrays a culturally imperialist disdain that averts its gaze from the harder, uncomfortable truths that underlie their rage and jubilation...Whether or not their actions are "admirable" to our tongue-clucking North American sensibilities, and no matter how many of us are prepared to dismiss their rage with the epithet "recreational", I'm completely in favour of what they're doing."

TheKentuckian: "They need a change of venue to the neighborhoods of the wealthy and the political class.  They don't care if we burn our own out, take it to them so they have "a stake"."

ndiscriminate violence. It is not protest. It will change nothing for the better but will bring misery to the lives of people who live in the places being looted and burned. It doesn't touch the wealthy corporate class. "

coalition_unwilling: " Mao: "All oppression breeds resistance". There is nothing admirable about what 30+ years of Thatcherism have done to the UK's urban proletariat either. When the urban proletariat does it you call it 'looting' so what do you call it when the ruling class does it?"

Any more irony and Justin Ruben will suffer liver failure sent a professional e-mail to their list Sunday morning instructing liberals on how to blame the Tea Party for the downgrade.   No actual facts, statistics or numbers were provided, just a link to a snarky graphic.

They then got back to claiming the Tea Party should be dismissed because it's a well-funded centralized organization comprised of people who just repeat talking points that were sent to them from a main office.

Democrats cheer London riots and arson, call for U.S. violence

At its heart liberalism is a virulently hate-filled cult that believes mayhem and violence are perfectly acceptable forms of "social justice."

Let Democrats explain their violent tendencies and their steadfast belief arson and assault are useful tools of political expression in these posts from Democratic Underground.

London riots: Twitter users face arrest for inciting looters

GillesDeleuze: "Defenders of private property love to equate it [burning down your home] with human suffering      The tweets were about protest action. If it offends you as much as the police, id say you have some interesting allies."

saras: "Destroying property is often justified..."

Rioting Again in London - Hackney this time

GillesDeleuze: "Support the London Looters!"

Police Cars Attacked After Tottenham Shooting

LetTimmySmoke: "The brits put in austerity a year ago, and now they're seeing the effects."

russspeakeasy: "sounds reasonable to me..."
With the unrest in London, is it time

socialist_n_TN: "With the unrest in London, is it time for the political wing to take advantage and call for a general strike and further political demonstrations? Although it looks like a lot of this is "criminality" (surface only analysis and only for some), there are political elements to it already. Sometimes it pays to take advantage of what you're given. "

readmoreoften: "The political alchemy is a revolutionary vanguard capable of organizing the strike.  There are certainly people already on the scene who are large enough to fulfill this function. The SWP, for one. Organizers and agitators with a unified plan will be what's needed soon. I suspect it'll take awhile."

nomb: "The local neighborhood leadership has almost entirely shifted the focus to criminal elements.      Reports are starting to build that Social Networking caused an almost "Warriors" movie type of gathering by usually antagonistic gangs from all over London to come and riot/loot.  I'm afraid this teaching moment is lost all ready."

Have you heard people you wouldn't expect talking about a revolution?

OffWithTheirHeads: "not yet, They are still too comfortable      I on the other hand, while still comfortable, would like to see some heads chopped off.

I guess its hard to get turnout numbers down in a bunker

Dems are claiming they lost in 2010 only because turnout was lower than usual, especially among Democrats.

That's a lie.

Not only was turnout 1.2% higher than the 2006 election they won, partisan identification was virtually identical.

They lost because they turned independents against them.

'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.'

Democrats spent 2009 screaming Tea Partiers were "racist."

Democrat poll numbers dropped.  They lost governorships in New Jersey and Virginia, Barack Obama's own U.S. Senate seat and Ted Kennedy's U.S. Senate seat in indigo-blue Massachusetts.

Democrats spent 2010 screaming Tea Partiers were "presidential assassins."

Democrat poll numbers dropped even lower. They lost six governors, a record 680 state legislative seats, six U.S. Senate seats and 63 U.S. House seats, the biggest midterm House loss in 72 years.

Democrats are now spending 2011 screaming Tea Partiers are "terrorists."

Where do I donate to keep this up?

Major League Soccer. Minor League Officiating.

I'm usually very deferential to game officials.  I understand judgment calls and even will accept sometimes an obvious call is blown because the official simply had a bad visual angle.

But there is no excuse for Jasen Anno's utter incompetence and failure to control a match.  This wasn't an honest mistake or his having to make a judgment call in the rush of a match.  This is was just a total lack of awareness.

"China says debt financing unlikely 'to save' US, EU"

You know things are bad when Chinese Communists understand our economy better than the President does.
"The only way the Americans have come up with to improve economic growth has been to take on new loans to repay the old ones," a blistering commentary published on the official Xinhua news agency said.
"To eat May's grain in April, however, will never be a permanent solution to a problem," the report said.

Nate Silver is usually spot-on, but even he's falling into liberal panic

RT @fivethirtyeight I don't really buy that the stock market crash is bad news for Obama. Economic fundamentals are bad news for him. Stock market is trivial.

Millions of middle class voters watching their retirement security blow away, like teachers, fire fighters and police officers, disagree.

Democrat hysteria takes wing

Democrats double down on crazy, blaming the GOP for failure to pass FAA authorization and calling Republican "hostage takers" 12 times in reference to a bill on air travel. 

They failed to mention they killed the bill.  They also seem to forget they've been screaming "HOSTAGE TAKERS!" on nearly every issue, only to be met with declining support.

"Hostage takers" is this year's "town hall violence" and "Tea Party racism," a delusional figment of fraying liberal imaginations.

This is why you should never assume the media are telling the truth

TV reporter interviews a four-year-old boy about a shooting in the neighborhood.  When asked if he was afraid he said no because he would have a gun, as he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

The TV station cut off the last part of that sentence and kicked off the segment by reporting the "disturbing" reaction to the shooting.

The media are notoriously biased, but there is nothing worse than local reporters.