Fun fact about the union bosses' "free rider" argument

You know who is the about only group opposed to exempting non-union workers from union-negotiated benefits?  Union bosses. 

You see, being "forced" to share benefits with non-union workers, even if they fought to keep it that way, gives them a talking point to whip up opposition to it.

If you're a union member who opposes non-union members getting union-negotiated benefits, your union leaders are your enemy.

VIDEO: Democrats stomp on tent full of people, attack police officers

Democrats, including Obama, refuse to criticize the violent behavior of these feral animals.

Democrats threaten to kill children of Mich. governor, 'pray your wife gets cancer'

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed a Right to Work bill supported by 58 percent of the state's voters.

So typically, Democrats have reacted by threatening to murder, and even rape, him.

But Democrats are also targeting his wife with death wishes and even threatened to hunt down and kill his children, including his 14-year-old daughter.

Courtesy of Twitchy, here are just a few floats in the liberal parade of psychotic violence.

RT @erikFUCKINGhall @onetoughnerd believe us, you, sue, Jeff, mellisa, and Kelsey will burn for this. You fuck with our families, we kill yours!!!

RT @armycrystal55 @onetoughnerd @briancalley I pray your wife gets cancer

RT @Loladadollface Everyone in michigan wanns kill,Snyder that bitch nigga lied and,shit tryna,break up the unions,of,the working,class

RT @TinaMarieBaby Fuck Snyder ill kill him

RT @Offlogic @onetoughnerd you are soooo going to die painfully for this bullshit, it isn't even funny

Democrats promise bloody violence in response to Right to Work

Michigan House Democrats posted this to their Twitter account Tuesday then quickly deleted it, probably when someone informed them advocating literal violence is a crime.

Psychotic political violence isn't an isolated matter confined to fringe members.  It is officially endorsed and proposed by Democrat Party leaders.

We've had "town hall violence," bloody attacks on Tea Party events, multiple rapes and murders at Occupy events and now rampages of mob violence at state capitols in Wisconsin and Michigan.

We need to have a serious national discussion of the Democrat Party's increasing use of bloody mob violence as a tool of political discourse.

Photo of violent liberal attacker released. Reward for his arrest.

Here is a screen capture of video of the violent liberal who attacked conservative commentator Steven Crowder.

According to Luke Llondo, he appears to be with an IBEW local with three digits. Locals 665, 948, 557, 275, 445, 252 are the nearest to Lansing.

His first name appears to be Terry and his last name appears begins with an S.

Here is the reward fund for his arrest.

Go find him.

Union mob pounces on women, children at Michigan event

Watch as a mob of liberals act like feral animals, hooting and screaming as they rip down a tent with women and children inside.

These union attacks will grow only more violent, as 76% of Michigan supports Right to Work.  Liberalism has become synonymous with psychotic violence.