Democrats threaten to kill children of Mich. governor, 'pray your wife gets cancer'

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed a Right to Work bill supported by 58 percent of the state's voters.

So typically, Democrats have reacted by threatening to murder, and even rape, him.

But Democrats are also targeting his wife with death wishes and even threatened to hunt down and kill his children, including his 14-year-old daughter.

Courtesy of Twitchy, here are just a few floats in the liberal parade of psychotic violence.

RT @erikFUCKINGhall @onetoughnerd believe us, you, sue, Jeff, mellisa, and Kelsey will burn for this. You fuck with our families, we kill yours!!!

RT @armycrystal55 @onetoughnerd @briancalley I pray your wife gets cancer

RT @Loladadollface Everyone in michigan wanns kill,Snyder that bitch nigga lied and,shit tryna,break up the unions,of,the working,class

RT @TinaMarieBaby Fuck Snyder ill kill him

RT @Offlogic @onetoughnerd you are soooo going to die painfully for this bullshit, it isn't even funny

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