Adventures In LIberal Discourse: Democrats cheer as executive is burned alive, demand copycat attacks in US

There's are no fewer than five charming little threads over on Democrat Underground in which Democrats cheer a story about Indian factory workers dousing their boss in gasoline and burning him alive.

The same people who called for Sarah Palin to be arrested for inciting murder because she used the word "target" to describe where she spent money gleefully cheer the workers for burning another human being alive, and openly fantasize about bringing that level of mayhem, violence, murder and torture to the United States.

Surprised? Don't be. These are the same people who routinely posted elaborate online fantasies of killing George W. Bush and post photographs of guillotines whenever Bush or business executives are mentioned in a news story. These are also the same people who cheered Markos Moulitsas when he heckled four American civilians who were burned alive in Fallujah, Iraq. You know, when they're not busy demanding Rush Limbaugh be imprisoned for "inciting violence."

I've said it before, I'll say it again. For many people liberalism, which preaches the individual can be sacrificed to the greater good of the tribe, is their religion of violence. Liberalism is their jihad. Violence, and even the murder of those with differing opinions, is a sacrament.

These threads are even more relevant in light of the violence in Wisconsin and across the country, in which liberals have punched young girls, threatened to rape reporters, savagely attacked elderly women and rioted in restaurants that served Republican customers.

The actual responses in which they openly call for other human beings to be burned alive, in Democrats' own words, are posted below. And these don't include the many, many responses that were so explicit and violent they had to be removed by moderators.

These posters are responding to a comment, that had to be deleted by moderators, cheering the workers for burning their boss alive:

plumbob (221 posts)
Actions have consequences. For too long, those in power have been allowed to use it for ill, to kill, maim and blight with no consequence, where a hungry shoplifter goes straight to jail.

tularetom (1000+ posts)
Thank you for having the courage to post what a lot of us were only thinking. Fear is the emotion these POS's use to control the rest of the population. They need a taste of fear themselves.

And here are responses to the story itself from Democrats openly cheering the thought of brutally torturing and murdering people.

TheKentuckian (1000+ posts)
Murder???? That's self defense, Jack. Aggressive self defense but self defense.

provis99 (1000+ posts)
It looks more like preemptive self defense to me. Kill him before he kills you and your family

B Calm (1000+ posts)
The rich bastards have been riding on the back of a tiger for 30 years and the tiger is getting very hungry! I see interesting days ahead in this country too!!

Occulus (1000+ posts)
I am a postal employee and these experiences resonate deeply with me

backscatter712 (1000+ posts)
Working people from India know how to express displeasure with greedy executives...

...Could be considered poetic justice....

...We're not allowed to set the Koch brothers on fire? Too bad... ahem... I mean ... we mustn't be uncivl...

Bigmack (1000+ posts)
If things get really bad, Americans could do that....... but it would be wrong.... (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

TheKentuckian (1000+ posts)
I'm all for whatever has the most impactive impression on these crooks. If they cannot learn without such vigorous examples then that is the way it must be.

averner (1000+ posts)
[Responding to a poster who suggested burning executives alive is wrong.] We disagree. I understand where you're coming from. And thank dog there are people like you, to keep people like me from doing this kind of thing.

Horse with no Name (1000+ posts)
Desperate people do desperate things. Taking away jobs, safety nets, etc is a direct assault on the survival of others. I would never advocate this type of violence...nor will I lose any sleep over it...

...I will sleep like a baby tonight...

...IF these robber barons are intent upon destroying the livelihoods (ergo lives) of people--then they might take some of their ill gotten gains and hire personal security.

Buddyblazon (1000+ posts)
I'm not justifying the actions of the attackers in this post...I do, however, want to point out your statement: "This executive was not physically assaulting someone." While this may be true, an executive, or higher up in a corporation or industry doesn't have to physically assault someone. Why? Because they know they can do much worse to a worker than assault them. And if a complaint is taken to the authorities...they will always say, "This executive was not physically assaulting you.".

Hannah Bell (1000+ posts)
no, they never do. but they kill people regardless, that's the thing [By making more money than them.] does the fact that their killing is indirect make it okay? they live long rather comfortable lives for the most part & are looked up to as "successful". but they are murderers nonetheless.

The Nexus (51 posts)
Look at it this way. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. It maybe Star Trek, but it's something to think on.

Taverner (1000+ posts)
In some ways it is self defense Taking away one's livelihood in a place like India, where the result is something we in the US cannot even comprehend - is tantamount to a slow, painful death sentence

diane in sf (1000+ posts)
If burning up one executive saved a bunch of lives by causing a change in the upper classes approach to laying people off would that be justified? I personally would never want to kill anyone or witness someone being killed. But the top executives of health insurance companies are killing thousands of people every year by denying them health coverage to increase the bottom lines of the companies they work for. Is this right? I don't think it is any more moral than burning someone up.

Occulus (1000+ posts)
A brief reading of US labor history says this may well have been both justifiable and defensible. I don't know the specifics of their situation, but even the most cold and objective reading of US labor history will prove that sometimes violence is indeed an option.

GaYellowDawg (1000+ posts)
That kind of mob action isn't something I'd ever endorse, but I sure wouldn't mind some of that fear entering, say, the Koch brothers' minds.

bengalherder (115 posts)
There are certain local owners of toilet paper manufacturies [The Kochs] that- while I would not do it it nor advocate it- if they had a certain similar fate befall them, I'd not lose and ounce of sleep.

Bucky (1000+ posts)
...f[---]ing with people's livelihood should be a little dangerous.

We are going to lock this...Understanding that this is a valid news story, (there are threads about this already, it is the additional line "Wonder if this will give the leaders of multinational corps pause as they outsource our jobs?" that takes this into advocating violence.

HughBeaumont (1000+ posts)
Should we title this story . . .. . "Just Sayin."?

joeybee12 (1000+ posts)
E-mail tot he Koch Brothers with your note? nt

Raksha (1000+ posts)
I want our own American outsourcers to know this story....I want a few CEOs to know it's possible. They don't fear the people enough yet. I want them to realize there's a limit to what they can get away with.

Lastactiongyro (52 posts)
give it time. The Repukes have no clue what they are playing with.

BobbyBoring (481 posts)
Now we're talkin! Fear works both ways doesn't it?

AlabamaLibrul (1000+ posts)
Do. Not. F[---]. With. Us.

onethatcares (1000+ posts)
what the hell were they suppose to do? as weird as this tale is, I guffawed at it. The exec probably thought he had it made and those little people were just numbers in his mind.