Our ‘green’ future: No library money, but bankrolling ‘green’ czars

The Daily Telegraph (U.K) reports on the continuing damage inflicted by “green” policies, which is forcing communities to cut funding for services in order to keep funding debunked “green” programs:
Councils that can’t afford libraries are still recruiting highly paid ‘sustainability’ officers
While local authorities cut millions of pounds from public services, their spending on ‘climate change’ continues apace, writes Christopher Booker.
…In Enfield, for instance, where a £6.5 million cuts programme is hitting libraries, children’s services and “vulnerable adults”, they are still happy to offer up to £63,000 a year for a Head of Sustainability to play “a lead role in managing the council’s low carbon commitment”. In Camden, where 1,000 staff are to lose their jobs in cuts of £35 million (and more libraries are to close), they can still spare £43,000 a year for a recruit to join the council’s “high-profile Corporate Sustainability Team” in helping Camden become “a low carbon borough”. In Walsall, where the council leader says that up to half of its 10,000 staff will lose their jobs (with six more libraries to close), they are still advertising for a Part-Time Regional Co-Ordinator of Low Carbon to receive £39,000 a year for a three-day week…

Homes, businesses burn under ‘green’ policies

The Associated Press reports:
A major wildfire in Arizona’s eastern mountains burned out of control early Friday after charring more than 603 square miles of timber, destroying dozens of structures and keeping thousands of evacuees away from their homes…
…As conditions eased somewhat, fire officials took stock of what the Wallow fire did in the resort community of Greer: 22 homes lost, five damaged, and two dozen outbuildings charred when the fire raced through a day earlier…
…The fire has rekindling the blame game surrounding ponderosa pine forests that have become dangerously overgrown after a century of fire suppression.
Some critics put the responsibility on environmentalists for lawsuits that have cut back on logging. Others blame overzealous firefighters for altering the natural cycle of lightning-sparked fires that once cleared the forest floor.
Either way, forests across the West that once had 50 trees per acre now have hundreds, sometimes thousands, and much of the landscape is choked with tinder-dry brush.
The density of the growth has fueled immense conflagrations in recent years, like now burning in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.
“I think what is happening proves the debate,” said state Sen. Sylvia Allen, a Republican from rural Snowflake.  In the past, a 30-square-mile fire was considered huge. “And it used to be the loggers got right on it. Never in the past have you had these huge fires.”…
…Many in Arizona blame the legal battles that have erupted over old-growth logging that threatened endangered species such as the Mexican spotted owl. Since those disputes prevented regular logging that would have thinned the number of trees, the forests became overgrown, they say….

Filmmaker fights ‘Gasland’ censorship

Filmmaker Phelim McAleer, director of the Al Gore expose “Not Evil, Just Wrong” started a firestorm, so to speak, when he cornered environmentalist propagandist Josh Fox about misleading information in his fake documentary “Gasland.”  In one startling scene, Fox sets ablaze water coming from a tap and implies gas drilling is to blame.

McAleer asked Fox if he was aware “flammable water” was the product of natural seepage and had been a problem in the area for decades before gas drilling.  Fox admitted he left those facts out of the drama, a highly unethical move that left viewers mislead and misinformed about safe and clean natural gas drilling.

Being exposed didn’t sit well with Fox, who sicced his lawyers on YouTube, bullying the website into pulling videotape of Fox admitting he falsified his “documentary.”

But McAleer is fighting back.  Go to http://www.fightgaslandcensorship.com and see the video for yourself.

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POLL: Americans not buying greens’ climate change alarmism

“Most adults (63 percent) say they believe severe weather this Spring is because of weather cycles that occasionally produce severe conditions, while less than half as many (26%) say global climate change is the cause,” a new IBOPE Zogby Interactive survey released Wednesday finds.

The polls was released on the same day U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT,) a believer in the “man made global warming” conspiracy theory, declared this spring’s not-unprecedented weather to be the product of capitalist activity, despite the fact scientists have pointedly stated otherwise.

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