Tonight's Awful Bedtime Movie: Solarbabies (1986)

Mel Brooks produces great comedies.

Unfortunately, "Solarbabies" is a science fiction film.

Jason Patric, Peter DeLuise and Jami Gertz star in this 1986 bomb about futuristic orphans who play lacrosse on roller skates until Bodahi, an alien in the form of an orb in a cave, gives them mystical powers.

Coherent plot writing was not one of those powers.

They do manage to take down the evil corporation that controls the post-nuclear apocalyptic planet's water. Not much else is accomplished.

Taxation, UK protests and the liberal violence fetish

Rejected by voters, unable to get a DADT repeal passed through majority-Democrat Senate and snubbed by their own White House in their lust to raise taxes, more and more Democrats are doing what they do best -- openly fantasizing about violence, assaults and riots.

Posters throughout the Democrat nutroots are typing away their approval of the rampant violence leftists in the United Kingdom are using to respond to suggestions college students actually pay a little bit of their own education.

I keep telling people, and more and more are realizing it. "Liberalism" and "progressivism" are just pretty new words invented to describe an unpretty primitive concept -- using brute violence to beat others into submission so you can plunder their stuff.

It seems the only debate within the liberal community is at what point have you grabbed all you can using the polite, legally-sanctioned redistributive force of the state, and reach for the lead pipe.

Obama admits high taxes kill jobs

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:

On a conference call with “Organizing for America” supporters tonight, President Obama explained his compromise with Republicans over tax cuts, saying that the “harm” the economy would suffer was “too great” to be able to afford a fight.

If the middle class tax cuts put in place last decade would have expired, “that would have cost our economy nearly a million jobs,” Obama said.

“All of this would have been damaging to those individual families," he said. "It would have been profoundly damaging to the economy, as well, at a time when, frankly, the economy is growing but we still have very high unemployment.”

Good point, Barack. Does this mean we can count on you to repeal capital gains taxes, death taxes...and even the income tax?