Greens freak out over election defeat

Leesburg Today: ...Particularly egregious to a number of voters were email blasts and robo calls on the eve of the election from Donny Ferguson....who now is executive director of the conservative western U.S.-based American Tradition Partnership, an organization that advocates defeat of what it calls "extreme" environmental proposals.

In the calls, Ferguson called on voters to defeat the "Obama Democrat" Baldwin*, who formerly worked under three Republican presidents...

Apparently they didn't find it too egregious. Malcolm Baldwin got whipped like a circus monkey.

Oh, and those three Republicans? Liberals Nixon and Ford.

But that's only two, you say?  One of the first things Reagan did when coming into office was to tell him to pack his bags, but he was still on the job for a few weeks while they picked his replacement.  30 years later he goes around claiming to be a part of the Reagan administration.

* ATP does not and did not advocate the election or defeat of any candidate.