ATP ‘phone bombs’ three Loudoun supervisors before Chesapeake Bay vote

ATP ‘phone bombs’ three Loudoun supervisors before Chesapeake Bay vote
Citizen-powered grassroots group warns 20,000 residents of bigger government, fewer jobs, higher taxes, loss of homeowner rights under Chesapeake Bay Tax and Control Plan

The nation’s largest grassroots opponent of radical environmentalism began calling around 10,000 Loudoun residents Saturday, warning them of a possible Tuesday vote on the Chesapeake Bay Tax and Control plan and asking them to call their supervisor to express opposition.  The grassroots-funded group also sent e-mail alerts on Friday.

Residents in Supervisor Jim Burton’s new district were urged to call their supervisor at home.  Residents in the Supervisors Kelly Burk and Andrea McGimsey’s new districts were urged to call their supervisor on their cell phone.

“We just thought we would be the first to introduce Loudoun residents to their new supervisors, by letting them know their supervisor may vote to raise their taxes and control their home” said Donny Ferguson, American Tradition Partnership’s Executive Director.  “Loudoun residents urge their supervisors to vote no on the Chesapeake Bay Tax and Control Plan.”
“Loudoun supervisors are putting their heads into a buzzsaw.  The overwhelming majority of people oppose this radical scheme to raise taxes, kill jobs and slap government handcuffs on homes and businesses,” said Ferguson.

American Tradition Partnership will hold accountable any supervisor who votes for this plan, as well as any candidate who supports it,” said Ferguson.

“Millionaire social clubs like the PEC represent the multi-million dollar special interest groups, but American Tradition Partnership is supported by and speaks for real Americans,” said Ferguson.  American Tradition Partnership wins time and time again because the people are on our side, something elected officials should keep in mind.”

Supported by contributions from its grassroots supporters, American Tradition Partnership has earned its reputation as the nation’s most effective opponent of the multi-million dollar radical environmentalist lobby.  In just the last few months ATP has:

* Killed Barack Obama’s “Cap and Tax” bill in Congress.
* Successfully pushed to have the invasive gray wolf taken off the so-called “Endangered Species List” so it can be hunted down.
* Filed a federal lawsuit against Colorado to repeal the state’s Expensive Energy Mandate, which forces consumers to buy more expensive wind and solar power against their will.
* Filed a lawsuit against Montana to stop their ongoing harassment and false smear campaigns against conservative groups, which has already been blasted by federal courts as “petty bureaucratic harassment.”  Montana officials have openly admitted they have no evidence conservative groups have done any wrong and every district attorney has refused to even look into the politically-motivated accusations.
* Won national headlines along with our federal free speech lawsuit against Montana which allows small employers to spend money on independent political expenditures.
* Won a federal free speech lawsuit against a liberal Colorado city who passed a law requiring residents to essentially get permission from the government before saying or publishing anything critical of the liberal city council.
* Stopped a plan by liberals in the U.S. Senate to protect the EPA’s plans to declare carbon dioxide a toxic pollutant.
* Passed legislation in Montana endorsing nullification of the so-called “Endangered Species Act.”
* Launched a campaign to repeal New Hampshire’s participation in the “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative,” a northeastern U.S. “global warming” tax cartel
* Launched and now pushing nationwide a growing campaign to secure a recorded vote on Sen. Rand Paul’s REINS Act, which strips the EPA of its authority to issue its own major regulations.

ATP does not advocate the election or defeat of candidates.  Supported by grassroots members, ATP is a fast-growing non-profit citizens’ group dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting private property rights and responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources. 

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Mr. Ferguson's Rules

Always carry several one and five dollar bills.  You may never know when you will need to tip a driver, attendant, maitre d' or (frequently in my case) a bartender whose services you unexpectedly require.

Just who's raking in obscene cash on gas? Barack Obama

Fun Fact: Oil companies only make two cents per gallon of gas.  Obama's federal government pockets 18.4 cents in federal gas taxes.  

In all, government makes around 48 cents on every gallon of gas sold, 24 times more than the oil companies. 

Who's the greedy profiteer now?

Wasserman Schultz guns down her own party

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was only on the job as DNC boss for a few days before she set out to destroy the party.

"The new head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is pushing for screenings of all gun purchases," The Hill reports.

"Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the current law, which allows private firearm sales without background checks, is "outrageous." The Florida Democrat is sponsoring a soon-to-be-released proposal extending the screening requirements to all gun purchases, commercial or private."

The kicker?  She openly admitted in the announcement press conference the bill won't eliminate gun crime.  She just gutterally hates the fact Americans can do something for themselves, in this case protection from crime, instead of waiting on the sainted government to provide it.

I encourage her to push this issue as hard as she can.  I guess she doesn't remember how Clinton's ant-gun radicalism annihilated Democrats in 1994 -- and the mainstream's opposition to gun grabs has grown only stronger since.

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Obama's biggest allies? Birthers.

Orly Taitz is Level 8 insane.

The first three digits of a Social Security Numbers refer to state on the return address on the application, not what state you are born in. If it were the state, native Moldovan Orly Taitz herself wouldn't have a Social Security Number.

In this case, the application was sent to a SSA office in Connecticut, where his father used to live.

Do these people realize Obama is simply exploiting and using them, having them discredit all his opposition by focusing on an utterly insane, fictional non-issue?  Birthers are Obama's biggest ally in his re-election campaign.

TSA predators single out Miss USA for impromptu cavity search

Obama's Transportation Security Agency predators in Dallas see former Miss USA in security line, and single her out for invasive body search of her genitalia. 

It's beyond time for Texas to begin registering TSA agents as sex offenders. Texas needs a governor who station Rangers at Texas airports to haul off any TSA goon who touches a passenger.

In tribute to former Maryland Governor William Donald Schaefer

Statesman. Patriot. Hulkamaniac.

Restoring the valued customer-business relationship

I received the letter today I asked for from Verizon verifying I canceled their service for poor performance, they owe me credits and I owe them nothing. 

Cable companies, if you're going to try to cheat someone don't try cheating one of the few people even nastier and more nit-picky than a cable company. 

Sprint gave up trying to slip stuff in my bills and my bank calls me periodically just to see how I'm doing.

Too many companies seem to forget the customer-business relationship should be one of fair, honest exchange and instead try to see how much they can get away with, assuming the customer isn't the type who likes confrontation.

Unfortunately for Verizon, that does not work when said customer places a priority on fair, honest exchange and feeds off confrontation like that pink goo in "Ghostbusters 2."

Obama sends opponents on Easter egg hunt

What do I think about all the blather about Obama's decision to not issue an Easter statement (while still going to church)?

Intentional and politically brilliant on his part.

It stirs up the "Obama is a Muslim" types, whom he will again use to drive a wedge between independent voters and his Republican opponent.

Ten truths you need to know about fracking

"Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun." - Environmentalism "founding father" Dr. Paul Erlich

"We've already had too much economic growth in the United States. Economic growth in rich countries like ours is the disease, not the cure." - Dr. Paul Erlich

"It doesn't matter what is true; it only matters what people believe is true... You are what the media define you to be. [Greenpeace] became a myth and a myth-generating machine." - Environmentalist leader Paul Watson

"[We] have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts we may have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest." - Stanford University environmentalism professor and Obama advisor Dr. Stephen Schneider (Kicked the oxygen habit in 2010)

Gang Green has openly vowed to destroy America’s economy by eradicating affordable energy and return us to “the Stone Age.”

You and I already know that.

Gang Green’s multi-million dollar campaign of lies against the safe, clean 60-year practice if hydraulic fracturing is their newest assault in their campaign to dismantle our economy.

But Peter Glover, writing in the Energy Tribune, has spelled out ten specific facts everyone needs to know about fracking.

I’ll share them with you below, but you can go to the Energy Tribune or to read it for yourself.

“1. Hydraulic fracking has been around for 60 years. Developments made by U.S. engineers around 2008-9 have simply made the process much more commercially viable.

“2. Since fracking was introduced in 1949, over 2 million frack treatments have been pumped without a single documented case of treatments polluting a water aquifer.

“3. 90 percent of all gas wells drilled in the United States since 1949 have been fracked.

“4. The depth of most shale gas deposits drilled is between 6,000 and 10,000 feet – water aquifers exist at an average depth of 500 feet.

“5. Claims of ‘migration’ between the shale gas layers and water aquifers due to fracking or for any other reason, are patently absurd as the gas would have to pass through millions of tons of impermeable rock. If the rock was that porous, neither the water nor the gas would have been there in the first place. (As the hard data in fig. 1 from a study of 15,000 frac treatments in the Barnett Shale Field reveals plainly.)

“6. Fracture design engineers go to great lengths to avoid fracture growth of even 100 feet to prevent losing production.

“7. The new eco-horror genre flicks like Josh Fox’s Gasland, create impact by making outrageous claims which include suggesting “569 chemicals” are used in a single “toxic cocktail” frack treatment. The reality is that 99.5 percent of the treatment is water and sand. Much of the remainder is made up of a maximum of 12 or so harmless gelling agents, like Guar gum (used in ice cream making), and chemicals commonly used around the house.

“8. Domestic running water faucets being set alight with a match might wow gullible film audiences, but dissolved methane found in well water may well be biogenic (naturally occurring). As the largest component in natural gas, methane is not even regulated as it is not toxic and escapes naturally like soda bubbles.

“9. Hydraulic fracking procedures are heavily regulated and not, as often claimed by eco-activists, exempt from drinking water and other key regulatory laws.

“10. Concerns about using “excessive water resources” in the process are already being assuaged by new developments, including recycling water. And the U.S. Ground Water Protection Council confirms that drilling with compressed air is becoming increasingly common.”

Please share this with everyone you know.

Gang Green is spending millions on fright campaigns, shameless lies and even a fake “documentary”
in their drive to terrorize people into a weaker economy.

And to keep stuff like this coming, and support American Tradition Partnership’s grassroots effort to fight Gang Green’s war on our economy, go here or to to chip in $10.

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Even their allies don't want them around

San Francisco not only outlaws government union strikes, they plan to prosecute any transit workers who walk off the job next week. 

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is freezing the pay of union members. 

President Barack Obama presides over a federal workforce with no collective bargaining rights whatsoever. 

If unions are so wonderful, why are the biggest "union busters" apparently Democrats?

Liberal newspaper goes bonkers over ATP’s gray wolf delisting win

The gray wolf not only spreads diseases like echinococcosis that can infect humans, inflicts a heavy predation toll on struggling ranchers and has all but wiped out ecologically vulnerable game herds like moose and elk, they have been “introduced” to areas of the United States that are not part of their natural range, disrupting and damaging environment.

That’s why ranchers, farmers and real conservationists around the country are applauding ATP’s victory in our fight to have the invasive, foreign gray wolf removed from the Endangered Species List.  Congress voted last week to kick the wolf off the List, the first time a species has been removed through a vote of Congress.

But one Boulder, Colo. newspaper with a history of making up stories to attack ATP didn’t take it so well.  In the print equivalent of a temper tantrum in a grocery store aisle, the paper rants:
“Help fight Gang Green!” these forward-thinking individuals proclaim on their websites, calling themselves “a no-compromise grassroots organization dedicated to fighting the radical environmentalist agenda.”
Their latest press release lauds the recent removal of the gray wolf from the endangered species list.
Donny Ferguson, who was WTP’s director of public relations in 2009 and is now listed as ATP’s executive director, acknowledges in the release that his group seeks “the eventual total repeal of the Endangered Species Act. … Thanks to meddling by East Coast environmentalists, wolves are now a fast-spreading predator that kills livestock, spreads disease and is wiping out sensitive natural game herds like elk and moose.”
Their websites also warn that “dozens of radical eco-organizations whose stated purpose is to dismantle the free enterprise system — and our Constitutionally protected rights — through so-called environmental protection have set their sights on robbing Americans of the right to exist, achieve and produce.”
Sorry to have you so rabid.  We’ll be sure to send you a nice new rug.

Annoy the liberal media.  Chip in $10 to American Tradition Partnership by going to

Originally posted by DEF at American Tradition Partnership.

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Does Obama roll the dice on abortion in 2012?

So, I'm looking at the 2012 calendar trying to pick the date Obama goes all-out on abortion.

He won in 2012 by closing the Democrat's historical gap with white voters, but now it's back down to where it usually is -- except among white women with college degrees, where he's at 56 percent.  He's going to need a MONSTER turnout among that demo to win, which means Democrats will have to employ some serious smear-and-fear tactics.

I mean, telling women (Insert name of Republican nominee) will put a spy camera in your uterus.  Think that's silly?  They're already telling women there's a secret Republican plan to arrest and jail them if they have an abortion and don't report it on their taxes.

The catch, beside the obvious and usual backlash? 

A majority of young voters are now pro-life, with 58 percent saying it is "morally wrong"  Fifty-one percent of them consider it a "very important," while only twenty-six percent of pro-abortion young feel the same of their opinion, which means Obama begins losing the youth vote if he pushes the abortion.

Obama also risks eroding his overall support among women.  Despite the propaganda of the pro-abortion industry, the fact is not only are Americans more likely to be pro-life than pro-"choice," women are more pro-life than men. 

And while women are more pro-life than men, white women without a college degree gave 41 percent of their vote to Obama in 2008, which helped him close the Democrats' traditional gap with working-class whites.  They are also among the women most likely to be pro-life.  Right now their support for Obama has slipped to 38 percent.  Any move by Obama to push abortion further erodes that number.

If Obama heads into late 2012 with the same numbers he's facing now, he has to make a decision.  Does he play it safe on abortion and hope he doesn't lose enough youth and overall female voters, or does he abandon the youth vote and risk eroding his overall female support by going all-out on the abortion scare tactics, hoping it will drive turnout among college-educated females in large enough numbers to not only overcome the backlash, but nudge his total white vote upwards enough to push him over the finish line?

Archbishop advocates conscripting 'the rich' into forced labor

"The rich and powerful should be required by law to spend some time every year helping the poor and needy, says the Archbishop of Canterbury," the Daily Mail reports today.

"Rowan Williams said a return to the medieval tradition when monarchs ritually washed the feet of the poor would serve to remind politicians and bankers what should be the purpose of their wealth and power."

While I certainly appreciate His Grace's intentions, where in the Bible did Christ advocate the use of force to impose His teaching?  Where in the Bible did Christ go to Rome to lobby the Senate to enforce His teachings?  The Bible is filled with warnings to men to avoid the lure of State power.

"Because the duty to serve would be compulsory, those involved would not be able to claim credit for doing it, he added," the Mail also reports.

True, but if it's compulsory, then it's not God's will -- it's the State's.  That's why He did not send Christ to Earth as a king.  It is also rather ironic, given the fact one of the Bible's great villains is a head of state who conscripted God's people into forced labor.

His Grace also overlooks an important historical fact.  In Christ's time wealth was not mobile.  Men did not become rich by finding ways to be of use and benefit to their fellow man. The rich of Christ's time got rich by either being of use to the State, or being born into the State.  Wealth was not earned, it was a barometer of political power.

As His Grace notes, such a law dates back to the time of monarchs, people who amassed their wealth through the power of the State.  The relationship between the "rich" and the "poor" at that time was not one of voluntary, mutually-agreed upon exchange.  The law was largely an attempt by "the rich" of that time to use an empty display of one-time subservience to mollify "the poor" who, in a world where wealth was fixed and not earned, had no recourse other than the axe.

But the money of today, which His Grace seems to speak of disparagingly, has transformed our world into a more peaceful place.

The "rich" His Grace speaks of today earned their wealth by providing jobs, homes, goods, medical care and a standard of living inconceivable in Christ's time.  If "the poor" feel they are being mistreated by a member of "the rich," they simply take their business to someone else.

If you think "the rich" should do more to help "the poor," keep in mind that in a modern, capitalist, free market economy, money is a tool of voluntary exchange that changes hands when someone feels someone else provides a good of service worthy of that exchange. 

In such an economy, both parties benefit.  In fact this free market of voluntary exchange, of which money is the agreed-upon unit of measure, allows the poor to become rich and the rich to become poor.  This phenomenon of social mobility was inconceivable in the world of State control that existed in the first century.

In the first century and into medieval England wealth was the spoils of political power.  In our world, wealth is an one of the indicators of your value to your fellow man in a voluntary free market. 

So, who has done more to help the poor?  The bureaucrat who would run the compulsory work program serving dinners at a school, or the millionaire who became a millionaire by finding a way to manufacture enough of that food for everyone?

Yes, most of them will not be doing it out of a sense of responsibility to their Christian duties, but by advocating the use of State force to achieve the outward appearance of Christian charity, rather than inspiring to care for their neighbor out of a genuine Christian love, His Grace has already admitted motives are irrelevant.  And improving the life of your fellow man by making his food more affordable only to earn a profit for yourself is still more peaceful and better for the poor than a world where the State rounds up the wealthy and influential and forces them under threat of arrest to ladle out soup.

Want to see "the rich" do more to improve the lives of "the poor?"  Get out of their way and allow them to use their God-given mind to continue to create, innovate and produce. 

A thought as millions rush to hand over their property to the State

"In a fully free society, taxation—or, to be exact, payment for governmental services—would be voluntary...The principle of voluntary government financing rests on the following premises: that the government is not the owner of the citizens’ income and, therefore, cannot hold a blank check on that income—that the nature of the proper governmental services must be constitutionally defined and delimited, leaving the government no power to enlarge the scope of its services at its own arbitrary discretion. Consequently, the principle of voluntary government financing regards the government as the servant, not the ruler, of the citizens—as an agent who must be paid for his services, not as a benefactor whose services are gratuitous, who dispenses something for nothing." - Ayn Rand

Adventures In Liberal Discourse, Part V: Liberals hurl racist slurs at black conservative

(H/T to Ben Hart's "Escape Tyranny)

Just the latest in a long line of incidents of white-hot racism spewing from the maw from projectionist liberals. 

Could you imagine the hysterical national headlines on cable news networks if this had been Tea Partiers?

Watch as liberals scream at a black conservative:

"Show your face, brotha!!  Be a proud black man!" (Screamed by a white liberal in a stereotypical "black" voice.)
"There he is!  There he is!"
"You're an Uncle Tom!" 
"You're a token!"
"You're a house black!"
"You're the kind that say 'we sing massa!'"

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Adventures In Liberal Discourse, Part IV: Genital obsessions and 'I wipe my --- with the American flag'

(H/T to Ben Hart's Escape Tyranny)

Watch as liberal protesters go on their usual genitalia-and-fecal-obsessed tirades.  Sigmund Freud would have a field day with modern American liberals.

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Adventures In Liberal Discourse, Part III: Wisconsin liberal spews profanity at 14-year-old girl

No wonder Wisconsin has turned on union thugs.  Here, a deranged liberal tries to drown out a 14-year-old girl by screaming profanity at her.

Listen as the others in the liberal mob try to drown out a 14-year-old girl by booing her, screaming, shouting, blowing horns and shaking noisemakers.

Just who exactly is acting like a "spoiled brat?"

Yes, these are the same people who lecture you on why you will never be as tolerant and civil as they.

Obama predicts Americans 'will feel that I deserve a second term'

"I think that in the debates that take place over the next 18 months the American people will feel that I deserve a second term," President Barack Obama tells The Associated Press in an interview published this afternoon.

He has some work to do.

None other than National Public Radio reported Wednesday, "In recent months, a number of national surveys have posed similar versions of the question: Do you think Barack Obama has done well enough to deserve reelection, or would the country be better off with someone else? The 'well enoughs' average about 43 percent; the "someone elses" 49 percent."

Every time you Tweet or share this by clicking below, more coal has to be burned to power an electric "green" car.

JaMarcus Russell cut by life coach

Not a joke.  Former NBA star turned superstar drug counselor John Lucas has asked former #1 NFL draft pick JaMarcus Russell to leave his Houston life rehab facility, citing Russell's "lack of effort."

Still waiting for their free gas and houses

"Average retail gasoline prices continued to soar in Denver, rising 7.2 cents per gallon in the past week, according to the gasoline price website  The average price Sunday in Denver was $3.51 cents a gallon.  The website said the prices as of Sunday were 83.7 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago...," the Denver Post reported Monday.

Do you think she's feeling dumb right now?

Every time you Tweet or share this by clicking below, we get a lecture on spending cuts from a Republican who voted for Bush's budgets.

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind, up in here

In the last seven days we've had Dems claim a temporary furlough of non-essential government workers was "the functional equivalent of carpet bombing innocent civilians," another claim the GOP was sent to Washington with secret orders "to kill women" and another claim had Obama not been elected children would be "eating off the ground."

Prediction: By next Friday a Dem will appear on MSNBC to claim children will spontaneously combust under the new budget.

I'd love to see whatever poll is telling the Dems their only hope at this point is to make Margot Kidder look lucid.

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Government school unions' 'State of Emergency' plan calls for stalking, threats, riot tactics

Faced with the possibility taxpayer spending may not grow as fast as they want it to, government school union bosses have embraced goon squad tactics in a plan to create what they call a "State of Emergency."

In this document created by the California Teachers Association, teachers are instructed to involve children in protests employing coffins and "homeless shelters," giving children the impression their teacher will become homeless or die if taxpayer spending is slowed down.

But they don't stop at telling children their teacher will be homeless unless mommy and daddy agree to tax hikes.  The government school union turns the goon meter to 11, instructing teachers to:

* "Target the businesses of legislators in their home districts."
* "Create a “Bad Legislators” list and post it in multiple locations." (DF notes: That's one of the tactics that lead to death threats against pro-taxpayer legislators in Wisconsin.)
* "Picket/rally in front of legislators’ offices/homes."
* "Follow targeted legislators for the entire day."
* "Publish a list of companies that are not paying their fair share of taxes.  Send letters to these companies and the media and picket their offices. Withdraw funds from banks that are not paying their fair share. (DF notes: The CTA never defines what a "fair share" is.  It is also pays no taxes whatsoever.)
* "Attempt to close a major artery into town/cities." (DF notes: That's a riot tactic commonly employed by violent anarchist groups.)

Do you want your children taught by people who teach them stalking, threats and bullying are legitimate tools of political discourse? 

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Why being libertarian means being pro-life

Dr. Paul explains.

“I don’t like them to use that argument, that believing in liberty means you can kill the unborn...Life comes from our creator, not our government. Liberty comes from our creator, not from government and therefore, the purpose, if there is to be a purpose, for government is to protect life and liberty.”

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Rand cites 1937 Rand novel about banning incandescent bulbs. Senate votes to stay in the dark.

"For Sen. Rand Paul, legislation setting new efficiency standards for appliances evokes the nightmare future Ayn Rand warned us all about," POLITICO reports this afternoon.

"Paul offered an amendment to remove the appliance bill’s enforcement authority, but first he turned his attention to Rand’s 1937 novel 'Anthem'...'Over time, he discovers the subway and rediscovered the incandescent light bulb,' he said. Paul described how the novel’s character then takes the light bulb to a leadership council and 'they take the light bulb and, basically, it’s crushed beneath the boot heel of the collective,," POLITICO reports.

Predictably, senators voted to keep Americans in the dark.  The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted 16-6 against his amendment to make efficiency standards voluntary.  Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) was one of the Republicans to vote against the lightbulb.

Everytime you Tweet or share this by clicking below, an endangered species dies from the mercury leaking from CFL lightbulbs.

I agree with Obama

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.  It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.'”  -- Sen. Barack Obama, March 2006

House Dems serve up panic, hysteria, silliness over...cafeteria forks

Choose or die.

Some Democrat congressional staffers are threatening to boycott the House cafeteria and Democrat congressmembers are in full mental meltdown after Republicans have instructed managers to resume the use of traditional disposable cups and plastic utensils over the fragile, flimsy, "green" spoons, knives and forks ordered under former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The changes come after most House staffers, Republicans and Democrats, demanded the change.  The "green" utensils routinely shattered in staffers' hands and even melted in soup, leading staffers to begin bringing utensils from home.

Switching back to affordable, reliable utensils will also save taxpayers half a million dollars, as "green" works and spoons are also considerably more expensive.

As they tend to do with most everything, environmentalists have come completely mentally unhinged and begun estimating the body count.

"Democrats see the cafeteria changes as symbolic of Republican hostility toward the environment," the San Francisco Chronicle reports of the decision to use utensils that can't even cut meatloaf.

"This seems like a small thing, but it sends a terrible message," wailed Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-Maine.

"I can hardly wait for the lead paint," Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., plaintively whined through Twitter.

The move is actually good for the environment, as well.  Pelosi's attempt to collect and recycle all the utensils increased total energy use, and the constant breakage and melting led to staffers using even more disposable utensils.

I'm not sure which environmentalist belief is crazier. 

Thinking that using sturdier, more reliable spoons that don't shatter in your eye is "Republican hostility toward the environment" or believing that using the wrong spoon will literally destroy the planet.

Every time you Tweet or share this by clicking below, another forest has to be clear-cut and bulldozed so wind turbines can be erected.

Markey: Super-villain GOP has plan to destroy 'the whole wide world'

You know your party is in trouble when your plan to win back the majority is to insist comic book plots are real.

Every time you Tweet or share this by clicking below, the voices in Ed Markey's head break into lively song.

LaFollette: You voters are 'brainwashed' idiots. Oh, and don't forget to vote for me in November.

Wisconsin's liberal Secretary of State, Doug LaFollette, tells a rally of liberal activists, all of whom are holding the same mass-produced signs and chanting the same four words, that "approximately 50 percent of the voters in our state" are "brainwashed."

LaFollette is an elected official.  He got 52 percent of the vote.

Also, none of the activists, who defensively insisted it was their opponents who are "brainwashed," could exactly explain how employers destroy jobs or how jobs are created.

Everytime you Tweet or share this by clicking below, a union activist has to put down his mass-printed sign and stop chanting the same four words over and over again to explain how Tea Partiers are incapable of independent thought.

Norman LeBoon, and those who cry 'arrest my political opponents for...something'

The same liberals who demanded Sarah Palin be arrested for inciting violence seem to be silent about the conviction of Norman LeBoon, a Philadelphia man who posted an online video in which he threatened to kill Rep. Eric Cantor.

LeBoon donated to Barack Obama after Obama traveled to Phildelphia and told local Dems assembled at a June 14, 2008 rally "If they (Republicans) bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun...Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl."

Six days later LeBoon donated $250 to Obama, followed by a $255 contribution the next day.

Did Obama incite LeBoon to violence?

No.  Obama is in no way responsible or related.  Additionally free speech is unalienable in this country, a protection from government aggression with its roots in political expression.

But the connection is notable, as liberals exploited the tragic shooting of Rep. Danielle Giffords to demand those with differing political opinions be rounded up and arrested.  They could at least be intellectually honest and consistent.

MSNBC to host special. "Black America, And What We Think It Might Look Like."

Not only does MSNBC lecture you on race using an all-white prime time lineup, tomorrow's special on "Black America" is hosted by a white guy.

At this point I'm convinced GE has mastered time travel and MSNBC is produced from a 1950s country club.

And which white guy was tapped by MSNBC to lecture black Americans?  Bill Clinton?  Author adn Jackie Robinson teammate Carl Erskine?

Ed Schultz. 

The guy who said "Hogan's Heros" character Sargent Schultz was racist against Germans and defiantly, pointedly defined racism as asking someone to pay five percent into their retirement investment portfolio.

Every time you Tweet or share this by clicking below, Keith Olbermann has to stop production on his show because Mom needs to use the basement to do laundry.

Wash. Post writer claims taxpayer-funded abortions provide important service -- exterminating the poor

Lori Ziganto at RedState points us to a shameful, disgusting article in The Washington Post by Ezra Klein, in which Klein actually claims a government program of eugenics against the poor is of compelling national interest.

In a tirade defending taxpayer-funded abortion liberal Klein writes:

"The services Planned Parenthood provides save the federal government a lot of money. It’s somewhat cold to put it in these terms, but taxpayers end up bearing a lot of the expense for unintended pregnancies among people without the means to care for their children."

Yes, the same liberals who claim on Election Day to be compassionate advocates of the poor publicly write in national papers the government should support a national program focusing on exterminating the poor.

And who are primarily the "people without the means to care for their children?"  An audit of New York's clinics, for example, finds 49.8 percent are black.  Other pro-aborts have dropped the euphemisms entirely and openly (and falsely) credited the long-term decline seen in violent crime to Planned Parenthood's strategy of focusing on performing abortions in inner cities.

So, Klein believes the federal government should engage in a campaign of targeted eugenics against people who consume lots of services. 

Keep that in mind next time Klein writes government-run health care in the United States won't do what it does in every other country -- terminate care to demographic populations who consume a lot of health care (usually the elderly and minorities,) threatening access to care for larger numbers of voters.

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Pelosi blows off budget negotiations to deliver a speech. About herself.

For some Democrats, keeping the government spending pipeline gushing was so important they were willing to go on national television and claim millions of seniors, children and women would die in the streets if non-essential government workers had to turn in their BlackBerrys during a temporary paid furlough.

But former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to focus all her attention on a far more important issue.

Pelosi skipped town Friday and blew off budget negotiations so as not to distract her from the momentous task of flying to Boston to give a speech. 

About herself.

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is delivering the inaugural Alan D. Solomont Lecture at Tufts University today.  The California Democrat, who served as the first female speaker of the House, planned to reflect on her career and the importance of public service during a 2 p.m. address in the school's Cohen Auditorium," The Boston Globe reports.

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Sharpen the saw.

The Big 12 and ESPN have reached an agreement that will feature Texas A&M in its traditional annual matchup against a little-known hippie commune from Austin in prime time.  The game will be nationally broadcast from Austin 7:00 p.m. C.T. on Thanksgiving night.

Texas A&M leads the series in the past 25 contests played, 13-12, including a 24-17 victory in Austin last Thanksgiving.

Texas A&M comes off a 9-4 season, including six straight regular season wins in the nation's toughest conference, and features some of the state's best young talent.

Their opponent comes off a season in which Tony, the guy who drives that blue car, successfully converted an old fire extinguisher into a bong.

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Liberals 'get bloody' for Wisconsin, Part 13: SEIU thugs pounce on Wash. state troopers

Once again, liberalism makes itself synonymous with animalistic violence.

SEIU thugs, the same group who had several members arrested for savagely stomping down black conservative activist in St. Louis while hurling racist slurs at him, smash their way through the Washington state capitol on their way to invade the governor's office.

Stopped at the door by state troopers, the SEIU thugs begin screaming like animals, hoping to intimidate the troopers.  Finally, they begin trying to bulldoze over the troopers and eventually physically assault them.  Thirteen were arrested.

The intended message is clear.  Unions consider assault, invasion, violence and intimidation to be legitimate tools of political discourse.

It's also the latest in a new wave of instances where union bosses have people smash their way into state capitols where they intimidate and assault citizens and officers.  Said union bosses then tell officials they can make the problem go away if they get some money.

Remember back when that was called "racketeering?"  I guess they don't prosecute because purple and yellow clash with blaze orange.

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Obama spending $20 million on Pakistani 'Sesame Street'

Barack Obama won't sign paychecks for soldiers, but he will sign off on a $20 million plan to spend U.S. tax dollars so Pakistanis can watch 'Sesame Street.'

"In a $20m (£12m) remake of the classic American children's programme, the setting for the show has moved from the streets of New York to a lively village in Pakistan...The financing for the series comes from USAid, the economic assistance arm of the US government...," the Guardian reported Thursday.

"Under Barack Obama, US civilian assistance to Pakistan has tripled to $1.5bn a year but the money does not seem to have made much obvious impact," the Guardian reports.

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Planned Parenthood asks: Is your baby sexy enough?

So what services is Obama protecting by vetoing soldiers' paychecks to preserve $300 million in corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood?

For one, the organization, wants to use its taxpayer-funded services to make sure the nation's babies are sexy enough.

In this document, titled "Meeting Your Children's Basic Needs," Planned Parenthood tells parents, "We need to give babies a sense of themselves, their sexuality, and their bodies from birth."

Planned Parenthood also instructs parents to "acknowledge that my child is a sexual being."

That would certainly explain Planned Parenthood's new publicity campaign:

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'Captain Insano shows no mercy'

Watch as a sputtering, squirming, screaming, wild-eyed Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton rants that a temporary furlough of non-essential government employees is "the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians." 

She then goes on to literally bellow that not spending taxpayer money on "abortions for low-income women" is part of "the ultimate attack on any American."

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For Obama, cash for abortions more important than paying troops

By vetoing the budget and ordering a government shutdown, Obama declares taxpayer funding for abortions is more important than paying soldiers.

Rand Paul: Powered by the truth

“(The Energy Department) interferes with and takes away our choices on what kind of showers we want, what kind of toilets we want. What kind of light bulbs we want. But most of the Department of Energy is an impediment to producing energy. Not one barrel of oil is produced by the Department of Energy. But the Department of Energy stops a lot of oil from being produced.”  -- Senator Rand Paul

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Learn to speak liberal

"stolen election" (n.) - An election in which all votes are counted, reported, double-checked by a bipartisan panel and then verified.

50 senators vote to jack up energy prices, ship out jobs

The Senate voted Wednesday on an amendment stopping a scheme by EPA activists to regulate carbon dioxide as a toxic pollutant.  The bill failed to get 60 votes needed to protect jobs.

Below are the senators who voted against the amendment and in favor of the EPA plan, which is projected to kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and send your utility bill skyrocketing as it is implemented.

Akaka (D-HI)
Baucus (D-MT)
Begich (D-AK)
Bennet (D-CO)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Blumenthal (D-CT)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Collins (R-ME)
Conrad (D-ND)
Coons (D-DE)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Franken (D-MN)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Hagan (D-NC)
Harkin (D-IA)
Inouye (D-HI)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kerry (D-MA)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Kohl (D-WI)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Merkley (D-OR)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Sanders (I-VT)
Schumer (D-NY)
Shaheen (D-NH)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Tester (D-MT)
Udall (D-CO)
Udall (D-NM)
Warner (D-VA)
Webb (D-VA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)

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National Tartan Day and the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath

I was so buried in work all day and evening yesterday I didn't even notice the highlighted notice on my calendar it was National Tartan Day, a celebration of our national Scottish heritage coinciding with the annual anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath.

Not familiar with the Declaration of Arbroath?  An appeal from Scottish noblemen to the Pope signed on April 6, 1320, asking him to intervene on their behalf in their war against England, it is one of the first declarations that the rights of the individual exist and trump any supposed "rights" of the state.

In other words, Scotland's Declaration of Arbroath is the birth mother of our own Declaration of Independence, and the very concept of individual sovereignty.

Like your freedom?  Thank a Scot.

Here is the text of the Declaration translated from the original Latin.

The Declaration of Arbroath; April 6, 1320

To the most Holy Father and Lord in Christ, the Lord John, by divine providence Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman and Universal Church, his humble and devout sons Duncan, Earl of Fife, Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, Lord of Man and of Annandale, Patrick Dunbar, Earl of March, Malise, Earl of Strathearn, Malcolm, Earl of Lennox, William, Earl of Ross, Magnus, Earl of Caithness and Orkney, and William, Earl of Sutherland; Walter, Steward of Scotland, William Soules, Butler of Scotland, James, Lord of Douglas, Roger Mowbray, David, Lord of Brechin, David Graham, Ingram Umfraville, John Menteith, guardian of the earldom of Menteith, Alexander Fraser, Gilbert Hay, Constable of Scotland, Robert Keith, Marischal of Scotland, Henry St Clair, John Graham, David Lindsay, William Oliphant, Patrick Graham, John Fenton, William Abernethy, David Wemyss, William Mushet, Fergus of Ardrossan, Eustace Maxwell, William Ramsay, William Mowat, Alan Murray, Donald Campbell, John Cameron, Reginald Cheyne, Alexander Seton, Andrew Leslie, and Alexander Straiton, and the other barons and freeholders and the whole community of the realm of Scotland send all manner of filial reverence, with devout kisses of his blessed feet.

Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today. The Britons they first drove out, the Picts they utterly destroyed, and, even though very often assailed by the Norwegians, the Danes and the English, they took possession of that home with many victories and untold efforts; and, as the historians of old time bear witness, they have held it free of all bondage ever since. In their kingdom there have reigned one hundred and thirteen kings of their own royal stock, the line unbroken a single foreigner. The high qualities and deserts of these people, were they not otherwise manifest, gain glory enough from this: that the King of kings and Lord of lords, our Lord Jesus Christ, after His Passion and Resurrection, called them, even though settled in the uttermost parts of the earth, almost the first to His most holy faith. Nor would He have them confirmed in that faith by merely anyone but by the first of His Apostles by calling, though second or third in rank the most gentle Saint Andrew, the Blessed Peter's brother, and desired him to keep them under his protection as their patron forever.

The Most Holy Fathers your predecessors gave careful heed to these things and bestowed many favours and numerous privileges on this same kingdom and people, as being the special charge of the Blessed Peter's brother. Thus our nation under their protection did indeed live in freedom and peace up to the time when that mighty prince the King of the English, Edward, the father of the one who reigns today, when our kingdom had no head and our people harboured no malice or treachery and were then unused to wars or invasions, came in the guise of a friend and ally to harass them as an enemy. The deeds of cruelty, massacre, violence, pillage, arson, imprisoning prelates, burning down monasteries, robbing and killing monks and nuns, and yet other outrages without number which he committed against our people, sparing neither age nor sex, religion nor rank, no one could describe nor fully imagine unless he had seen them with his own eyes.

But from these countless evils we have been set free, by the help of Him Who though He afflicts yet heals and restores, by our most tireless Prince, King and Lord, the Lord Robert. He, that his people and his heritage might be delivered out of the hands of our enemies, met toil and fatigue, hunger and peril, like another Macabaeus or Joshua and bore them cheerfully. Him, too, divine providence, his right of succession according to or laws and customs which we shall maintain to the death, and the due consent and assent of us all have made our Prince and King. To him, as to the man by whom salvation has been wrought unto our people, we are bound both by law and by his merits that our freedom may be still maintained, and by him, come what may, we mean to stand. Yet if he should give up what he has begun, and agree to make us or our kingdom subject to the King of England or the English, we should exert ourselves at once to drive him out as our enemy and a subverter of his own rights and ours, and make some other man who was well able to defend us our King; for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

Therefore it is, Reverend Father and Lord, that we beseech your Holiness with our most earnest prayers and suppliant hearts, inasmuch as you will in your sincerity and goodness consider all this, that, since with Him Whose vice-gerent on earth you are there is neither weighing nor distinction of Jew and Greek, Scotsman or Englishman, you will look with the eyes of a father on the troubles and privation brought by the English upon us and upon the Church of God. May it please you to admonish and exhort the King of the English, who ought to be satisfied with what belongs to him since England used once to be enough for seven kings or more, to leave us Scots in peace, who live in this poor little Scotland, beyond which there is no dwelling-place at all, and covet nothing but our own. We are sincerely willing to do anything for him, having regard to our condition, that we can, to win peace for ourselves. This truly concerns you, Holy Father, since you see the savagery of the heathen raging against the Christians, as the sins of Christians have indeed deserved, and the frontiers of Christendom being pressed inward every day; and how much it will tarnish your Holiness's memory if (which God forbid) the Church suffers eclipse or scandal in any branch of it during your time, you must perceive. Then rouse the Christian princes who for false reasons pretend that they cannot go to help of the Holy Land because of wars they have on hand with their neighbours. The real reason that prevents them is that in making war on their smaller neighbours they find quicker profit and weaker resistance. But how cheerfully our Lord the King and we too would go there if the King of the English would leave us in peace, He from Whom nothing is hidden well knows; and we profess and declare it to you as the Vicar of Christ and to all Christendom. But if your Holiness puts too much faith in the tales the English tell and will not give sincere belief to all this, nor refrain from favouring them to our prejudice, then the slaughter of bodies, the perdition of souls, and all the other misfortunes that will follow, inflicted by them on us and by us on them, will, we believe, be surely laid by the Most High to your charge.
To conclude, we are and shall ever be, as far as duty calls us, ready to do your will in all things, as obedient sons to you as His Vicar; and to Him as the Supreme King and Judge we commit the maintenance of our cause, casting our cares upon Him and firmly trusting that He will inspire us with courage and bring our enemies to nought. May the Most High preserve you to his Holy Church in holiness and health and grant you length of days.

Given at the monastery of Arbroath in Scotland on the sixth day of the month of April in the year of grace thirteen hundred and twenty and the fifteenth year of the reign of our King aforesaid.

Endorsed: Letter directed to our Lord the Supreme Pontiff by the community of Scotland. 
Obama said stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent.  It turned out to be 10 percent.  Obama said his deficit would be $7.2 trillion.  It turned out to be $9.5 trillion.  Obama said we'll be in Libya for just "days."  Now he says "maybe years."  I guess he's angling for the mechanic vote.

Alec Baldwin: Financial crisis means Obama isn't ‘doing any new spending’

You may remember Baldwin as the actor who launched the successful 'Shadow' franchise.
Alec Baldwin, star of such films as "Pearl Harbor," "Mercury Rising" and "The Adventures of Pluto Nash,"  tells CNS News the poor economy under Barack Obama has prevented the president from increasing spending.

"(W)hat’s crippled Obama's administration, as far as I’m concerned, is the financial crisis and it’s prevented him from doing any new spending," said Baldwin in a Capitol Hill interview.

Apparently no one's told Obama.

Learn to speak liberal

Eliminate (v.) -- Increase spending on.  Ex.: Democrats claim Rep. Paul Ryan's proposed budget, which calls for increasing amounts of Medicare spending, "eliminates Medicare."

Death Trap (n.) -- A program that spends increasing amounts of money on entitlement benefits. Ex.: Democrats claim the Ryan budget, which expands Medicare benefits, "is a death trap for seniors."

"Defend Seniors" (phrase) -- Exploit for votes and cash by literally telling them they will die unless they take a prescribed action.  A liberal tradition celebrated each election year.

Florida Dem blows off fiscal emergency to address fashion emergency

Thanks to a little-known provision in the health care reform bill, health insurance companies must offer coverage to those who struggle with shopaholism.

While some members of Congress work to avert a government shutdown, and millions of Americans worry over which bills to not pay so they can keep food on the table, The Hill reports Florida Democrat Rep. Corrine Brown informed members of Congress they were invited to join her in taking the rest of the day off for an upscale boutique shopping trip in Crystal City.

Dubbed as an "Outing with Congresswoman Corrine Brown," members of Brown's entourage could treat themselves to "wardrobe consulting and custom tailoring" and were even offered personal shopper services so they wouldn't have to engage in the back-breaking ordeal of picking out dresses.

This would be the same Corrine Brown who claims small business owners who work seven long days a week without taking time off are getting off easy and need to be taxed more.

Tweet of the day

RT @jaketapper It is remarkable to hear Dems slam GOPers for not passing....last year's budget when Dems ruled the roost.

Dems: Give us your money so we can continue to overspend your money

"A fundraising appeal from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warns supporters that 'Tea Party Republicans are threatening to shut down the government on Friday unless we surrender to their outrageous demands,'" The Hill reports.

I had no idea that not spending taxpayer money on "cowboy poetry festivals" and $600,000.00 sculptures was "outrageous," much less "blackmail," as Democrats wail.

Your daily definition of irony

After refusing to pass a budget for all of 2010, Harry Reid accuses the GOP of "stalling" and "procrastinating" after they send him a budget.

Thought for the day

If Dems are claiming that opposing taxpayer spending on overseas malaria programs makes you responsible for the deaths of children, how many millions of children will they admit to killing by continuing to block the production of life-saving DDT?

REPORT: With Kloppenburg holding on to 204-vote lead, uncounted ballots being destroyed in Prosser-backing county

How do you make sure your candidate holds on to a 204-vote lead in a statewide election?

One easy way is shred ballots that favor your opponent before they can be counted.

Pundit Press reports:
"For some reason one of the counties in the state is destroying ballots that 'were not counted' yesterday. Apparently this is a very bizarre and egregious move....'We
have received reports Mequon poll workers destroyed submitted ballots before poll closing time'...We're not exactly sure why this is happening, but Mequon is in Ozaukee County... where the vote totals may give us an idea why:"

Ozaukee 48/48
Prosser 20,844 72%
Kloppenburg 8,295 28%

You stopped Baucus

Dear ATP supporter,

Thank you!

You did it!

Sen. Max Baucus' (D-Mont.) attempt to protect Gang Green's vulnerable senators by having them vote on a sham amendment went down in flames.

As in it was rejected by a vote of 7-93.

The Senate is still voting on other amendments relating to the EPA, including one originally authored by Sen. Jim Inhofe stripping the EPA of its power to regulate and cap carbon dioxide.

But the Baucus amendment was the big one.  Gang Green tried to take on ATP's grassroots supporters, and they lost.

So thank you.

Your phone calls and contributions made all the difference.

But an even bigger -- and far tougher -- fight is still ahead.

We need a recorded vote on Sen. Rand Paul's REINS Act, S.299.

Gang Green has made it clear stopping it this is their biggest fight and #1 priority.

Getting that recorded vote is our #1 priority.

So thank you, and stay alert.


Donald Ferguson
Executive Director

Putting Wisconsin in perspective

A state that:
1) Went for Obama, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Clinton and Dukakis,
2) Has a nine-point Democrat party identification advantage,
3) Has a fired-up liberal base and
4) Is the home of the union movement 
holds what they say is a referendum on unions. 
They barely get a majority.
That's like Texas nearly voting to outlaw football.

Attention Colorado: Bennet & Udall to host "Debt and Deficit Forum"

No, it's not a "how-to." 
United States Senators
Invite You to Attend

Colorado’s Common Sense Forum
on the Nation’s Debt and Deficit Crisis

With Special Guests

From the President’s National Commission on
Fiscal Responsibility

Co-Chairman, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute and Former Director, Office
of Management and Budget
Committee for Responsible Federal Budget

And Colorado Leaders Including

Current and Former
Members of the Colorado Delegation
Business and Community Leaders

Friday, April 8, 2011
2:00 – 4:00
University of Colorado at Denver
2nd Floor Terrace Room
1380 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80204

Seating is limited. Please R.S.V.P by visiting:

Daily Caller: Washington Post and CBS receiving money from Obamacare slush fund

Click the header for more.


MAXimum power grab.

Dear ATP supporter,

This is it!

After nearly two weeks of delaying in search of 60 votes to save the EPA’s unchecked power, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has scheduled a vote THIS AFTERNOON, 4:00 P.M. ET on several amendments to a small business bill — including Sen. Max Baucus’ sham amendment that pretends to protect jobs, but only protects EPA bureaucrats.

If Baucus succeeds in this attempt to scam citizens, the EPA’s power to regulate carbon dioxide means lost jobs, higher prices and lost freedom.

Your phone calls and contributions to American Tradition Partnership are working.  Keep it up.  We have been able to hold them off for nearly two weeks.

As you recall, Baucus is pulling his usual D.C. tricks, offering an amendment offering what barely amounts to protection from EPA tyranny to only a few select employers.

The idea is to let Gang Green’s vulnerable senators vote for his fake amendment so they can campaign next year as job protectors.

In reality, it’s not real protection, you can bet it will be revoked once the 2012 election is over and the idea is to drain support away from an amendment originally authored by Sen. Jim Inhofe to strip

Obama’s EPA activists of their power to regulate and cap carbon dioxide as a toxic pollutant.

The vote is JUST HOURS AWAY and Gang Green’s Gucci-shoed, silk-pocketed lobbyists are twisting every arm, pulling every trick and offering boatloads of campaign cash in search of that 60th vote.

I need you to do two critical things IMMEDIATELY.

1) Call your two senators (again, if you have already called) at 202-224-3121.  Tell them to vote NO on the Baucus EPA amendment and YES on the McConnell/Inhofe amendment.

2) Go here or to and help me keep up the pressure by chipping in $100, $50, $35 or just $10.  Every gift, no matter how big or small, goes a long way.

Again, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled a vote as early as 4:00 p.m. on Max Baucus’ sham amendment intended to save the EPA by killing jobs in his state, and yours.  YOUR IMMEDIATE SUPPORT IS CRITICAL.

Please take just a second to call your two senators, and to go here or to to chip in $100, $50, $35 or just $10.


Donald Ferguson
Executive Director
American Tradition Partnership

P.S.  Harry Reid has been struggling for two weeks now to find that 60th vote for Max Baucus’ sham amendment.  Your support has made all the difference.

Reid and Gang Green’s lobbyists have scheduled the vote in just a few hours.  They’re working every available senator to bully, coerce or offer campaign cash in exchange for a vote for Baucus’ attempt to protect the EPA.

We need to keep up the pressure!  Please call, and go here or to to chip in $100, $50, $35 or just $10.

Shameless union bosses: MLK shot because he was pro-union

Why is it that liberals don't know how to behave around a dead body?  

Their latest display of shameless exploitation of a tragedy?  This video by AFSCME government union bosses implying Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated because he was pro-union. 

No, really.  No mention whatsoever of the fact James Earl Ray was an avowed racist and King gave his life fighting for the civil rights of blacks.  It's all about the union bosses, and their insatiable appetite for tax dollars.

Not content they've yet offended enough people, they go on to claim government has a civil right to an unlimited ability to organize against its own citizens and imply anyone who thinks their taxes are too high opposes civil rights. (H/T The Blaze.)

Odd argument from a union movement that not only routinely uses violence, savage beatings and death threats as go-to political tools, but has seen multiple union bosses jailed for the assassinations of their political opponents.  What's next?  An MLK-stood-for-us video from the Klan?

No wonder the greedy and violent union bosses are now only slightly more popular than pinkeye.

Filings in American Tradition Partnership's Expensive Energy Mandate federal lawsuit

ATP, ATI file federal suit to throw out Expensive Energy Mandate

ATP, ATI file federal suit to throw out Expensive Energy Mandate
Two citizens’ groups, Morrison resident file suit against Hickenlooper, officials

DENVER – Two citizens’ groups and a Morrison resident filed a federal lawsuit suit Apr. 4 in Denver’s United States District Court seeking to have the state’s Expensive Energy Mandate declared unconstitutional.

“The Expensive Energy Mandate doesn’t just kill jobs and drive up prices, it wrongfully interferes with interstate commerce by disrupting the interstate power grid,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.  “Families and consumers, along with Constitution, are wronged by the Expensive Energy Mandate.”

“Environmentalism demands policies that actually improve the environment in a manner compatible with a healthy economy.  The hard facts show that wind energy is not affordable and is not clean,” said Dr. David Schnare, Director the Environmental Law Center of the American Tradition Institute.  “As such, wind energy deserves to be put on trial.”

The suit names Governor John Hickenlooper, Regulatory Agencies Department Director Barbara J. Kelley, Public Utilities Commission Chairman Ron Binz, Public Utilities Commissioners James Tarpey and Matt Baker and Public Utilities Commission Director Doug Dean as defendants.

The suit filed by American Tradition Partnership, American Tradition Institute and tech entrepreneur Rod Lueck seeks to overturn the law on the grounds it wrongfully interferes with interstate commerce, violating Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, a clause previous courts have ruled also applies to state legislatures.  The suit also argue Expensive Energy Mandates hurt consumers by raising prices for food, energy and goods and destroy jobs.

Commonly called a “renewable energy standard,” Colorado’s law mandates that 30 percent of its electricity come from renewable sources by the year 2020. By mandating the purchase and use of renewables, the Colorado statute discriminates against other less costly, less polluting, safer and more reliable in-state and out-of-state sources of electricity.  The Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution does not permit a state to impose burdens on the interstate market for electricity, especially when doing so means higher costs and more pollution as is the case under the Colorado law.

Gig'em, ladies

The Bryan-College Station Eagle: Aggies win national championship

And Danielle Adams, if you're reading this the WNBA draft is next Monday. The Washington Mystics don't pick until #11. Make it clear right now you won't play for any other team and will hold until you're traded to D.C.

Looking at Wisconsin

* Prosser, who only got 55 percent in the first round BEFORE Wisconsin blew up, narrowly leads -- despite the beyond-motivated liberal base and crush of liberal activists, volunteers and paid staff crashing in from out of state. Bad sign for union bosses.

* That means 45 percent of voters stated they didn't want Prosser re-elected, BEFORE the union bosses got involved. Incumbents rarely get a significant boost in a run-off election, often dropping several percentage points -- unless voters suddenly find the other candidate even less acceptable than the incumbent they have already stated they don't want re-elected. Bad sign for union bosses.

* Also, throw in the fact liberals had a FAR better ground organization than Prosser's weak effort, which is what is supposed to decide a judicial runoff election. Bad sign for unions they couldn't pull this off.

* They should have won it last night, and not several days later once provisional, absentee and late return precincts are counted. Granted, they weren't going to win this by 20 points, but they should have been able to call it last night. Bad sign for union bosses.

* Also, don't believe the pathetic liberal spin about the Dane County Executive race being a rejection of Scott Walker. Democrat Joe Parisi defeated Republican Eileen Bruskewitz for Walker's old job by a 70 percent to 30 percent margin.

Liberals, desperate to find something positive in last night's results, are screeching a Republican loss in Dane County was a rejection of Walker. Two major factual problems: