MSNBC to host special. "Black America, And What We Think It Might Look Like."

Not only does MSNBC lecture you on race using an all-white prime time lineup, tomorrow's special on "Black America" is hosted by a white guy.

At this point I'm convinced GE has mastered time travel and MSNBC is produced from a 1950s country club.

And which white guy was tapped by MSNBC to lecture black Americans?  Bill Clinton?  Author adn Jackie Robinson teammate Carl Erskine?

Ed Schultz. 

The guy who said "Hogan's Heros" character Sargent Schultz was racist against Germans and defiantly, pointedly defined racism as asking someone to pay five percent into their retirement investment portfolio.

Every time you Tweet or share this by clicking below, Keith Olbermann has to stop production on his show because Mom needs to use the basement to do laundry.

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