Pelosi blows off budget negotiations to deliver a speech. About herself.

For some Democrats, keeping the government spending pipeline gushing was so important they were willing to go on national television and claim millions of seniors, children and women would die in the streets if non-essential government workers had to turn in their BlackBerrys during a temporary paid furlough.

But former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to focus all her attention on a far more important issue.

Pelosi skipped town Friday and blew off budget negotiations so as not to distract her from the momentous task of flying to Boston to give a speech. 

About herself.

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is delivering the inaugural Alan D. Solomont Lecture at Tufts University today.  The California Democrat, who served as the first female speaker of the House, planned to reflect on her career and the importance of public service during a 2 p.m. address in the school's Cohen Auditorium," The Boston Globe reports.

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