Two lessons learned today

I went out this evening for a walk around the neighborhood/phone calls session and to mull over some spiritual matters.  As I was making my way past the Virginia Seminary I noticed a car pulled up to the gate with its flashers on.  I didn't think much of it because people pull in all the time to wait for someone, make a phone call or go for a run. 

About a half-hour later was getting dark, so I turned around and headed back home because I was planning on getting up early Sunday.  On my walk back I noticed the car was still there.  As I walked past I stopped to look inside and noticed a young man, a very pregnant young woman, either the mother or mother-in-law in the car and Florida plates.  That's a sign something wasn't right, and it was getting dark quickly.

They had a flat, and he couldn't get the spare tire free from the trunk.  The custom-made wingnut holding it down was just a smooth rectangle with no grips, which isn't very helpful or practical.  It just was not coming loose.  They were stuck, couldn't call anyone locally to help and I can only imagine how badly the young lady needed to get back home.

That's when I got an idea, reached into my pocket, pulled out a handkerchief, and used it like a rubber (well, cotton) grip around the nut.  One good twist and soon the tire was free.  The car's jack wasn't very cooperative, but after about 30 minutes the car was hoisted, the tires changed and the baby gifts loaded back in the car.

We see situations like that all the time, but too often we assume it's nothing out of the ordinary and fail to stop to ask, especially here in the busy and self-absorbed D.C. area.

Two lessons learned today.  Never venture out without a handkerchief in your pocket, and always keep an eye out for brothers and sisters in need.  They don't pop up when you are ready for them.