Stuck-in-reverse Virginia Dems blast the idea of roads as a "core service"

A well-received $4 billion dollar plan to fix Virginia's crumbling roads, a top priority of voters, is running into a predictable opponent -- the Virginia Democrat Party.

"Democratic state chairman Brian Moran panned the idea, accusing the governor of trying to divert money from "core services," writes The Washington Examiner Friday. 

"But transportation is a core service, every bit as deserving of priority funding as education or public safety. Richmond's prior refusal to consider it a priority has led to the predictable hardening of Northern Virginia's major arterials and the commuting nightmares that have become so familiar in this region."

So just what exactly would the Virginia Democrat Party like to see killed, despite the near-crisis status of Virginia's congested, decaying roads and bridges?

"An analysis by Richmond-based Chmura Economics found that the $4 billion investment will grow Virginia's economy by $13 billion when fully implemented, creating 104,000 new jobs. It leverages just $97 million of state funds to build a $1 billion, public-private high-occupancy toll/high-occupancy vehicle lane project on Interstate 95 that increases capacity on one of Virginia's most congested highways."

Occupier steals $5500 from Occupy bank account. Occupy doesn't care.

The Occupy parasite mentality in action.

A D.C. Occupier has stolen $5500 from OccupyDC's bank account.  So they're angry and called the police, right?


They refuse to press charges and don't care because "they're confident that donors will help replenish the account." 

There are two reasons they don't care.

1) They consider theft just another form of social justice, someone redistributing wealth personally.

2) They consider money something that is handed to you based on need, not something you earn by offering your labor or talents to others.