It's good to be king

"I’ll turn the page on the imperial presidency." - Candidate Obama, speaking at DePaul University, Oct. 2, 2007

"President Obama challenged congressional Republicans to embrace the "shared responsibility" of governance even as the White House appears ready to use unilateral executive powers to battle Capitol Hill...Obama is expected to make more frequent use of executive orders, vetoes, signing statements and policy initiatives that originate within the federal agencies to maneuver around congressional Republicans..." - Reporter Julie Mason, The Washington Examiner, Jan. 3, 2011

"Rebuking his predecessor for the second time today, President Obama declared that he will not use "signing statements" to disregard parts of laws because he disagrees on policy grounds, but only when he strongly believes the provisions are unconstitutional...'There is no doubt that the practice of issuing such statements can be abused. Constitutional signing statements should not be used to suggest that the president will disregard statutory requirements on the basis of policy disagreements,' wrote Obama." - "Obama rebukes Bush on signing statements," The Boston Globe, Mar. 9, 2009

"Obama said during his 2008 campaign that he wouldn't use signing statements, codicils presidents can attach to bills challenging or refusing to enforce parts of a law, the way his predecessor, President George W. Bush, did. But since taking office, Obama issued signing statements on budgetary matters, foreign aid, commission appointments and more..." - Reporter Julie Mason, The Washington Examiner, Jan. 3, 2011

List of signing statements by now-President Barack Obama, which hinge on policy disagreements and not constitutionality