Occupier tries to block trains by shoving her 4 year old girl onto tracks

Occupy animals continue to use toddlers as human shields.

We've seen Occupiers order their daughter to run in front of oncoming trucks, put their kids in a wagon and shove them in front of riot squads, push them into the path of oncoming D.C. traffic.

Now watch as an Occupier, named "Lotus," makes her four-year-old daughter lay on dangerous railroad tracks thinking it will magically stop oncoming multi-ton trains.

I'd be surprised, but offering up individuals as ritual sacrifices for the good of the collective is the founding tenet of the deadly Occupy movement. 

The belief in the sanctity of the individual is what separates us from the animals, which is precisely why I use the term "Occupy animals." 

These Occupy animals are a step backward in the evolution of human society, a return to brute, primitive tribalism.