Tonight's Awful Bedtime Movie: "The Devil's Hand" (1962)

Rick is engaged to Donna, but not only will he not follow through, he keeps having dreams about a mysterious blonde. Donna's upset, but still sticks with him.

Late one night, Rick is mysteriously compelled to visit a doll store owned by an equally mysterious man named Francis Lamnot, and brings Donna back to the doll store the next morning.

Somehow, being engaged to a man who constantly tells you his dreams about another woman and takes you to a doll store he visited in the middle of the night isn't raising red flags with Donna. She's still in this one for the long haul.

While there, Rick finds a doll with the face of the woman he's been dreaming about. He asks Francis if he can deliver the doll to the woman who ordered it. The blonde, Bianca, who ordered a doll of herself, begins to seduce Rick.

And Donna? Still sticking around to see where Rick's going with this.

It turns out the doll store owner is a high priest in a cult that worships "Camba," the "Devil God of Evil." The cult meets behind the doll store, the neurotic doll shop owner/high prince of evil kills disloyal followers with an inane contraption of swords on wheels and the cult's goals aren't exactly clear.
What is clear, which isn't much in this movie, is that Francis and Bianca are luring Rick into the cult and planning to kill Donna.

At this point, Donna becomes suspicious.

Eventually Rick must choose between his fiance, or his weird new girlfriend and her satanic cult run by a man who owns a doll store and tortures his followers with swords on a wheel. What's never resolved is the question of just who is the most dysfunctional person in this stinkbomb.