Tonight's Awful Bedtime Movie: "Night Feeders" (2006)

I hear this isn't all that bad, but here's what I know so far about this film.

* Ninety-five percent of it was shot in a 200 square foot area outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

* Vandals destroyed the set.

* Shooting was often interrupted by deer hunters dragging carcasses through the scene.

* The producer had to play a bit part after the actor got lost trying to find the set.

* The lead actor's biggest previous role was as an uncredited funnel cake vendor in the third "Major League" movie, "Major League: Back to the Minors."

As for the plot, four deer hunters in the South stumble upon man-eating aliens and must fight to survive the night.

Larry King's Greatest Moments

Sharpton: Limbaugh will answer to the FCC for racism

Al Sharpton is back fighting hate, leading the charge at the FCC to pull hate broadcaster Rush Limbaugh off the air. Sharpton tells MSNBC's Ed Schultz that not only is he forcing the FCC to have a hearing on silencing Limbaugh, but Limbaugh will have to appear at the hearing and be held accountable for decades of spreading hate and division.

I hope Limbaugh does appear, and explain such racist rants like his 1987 on-air tirade falsely and angrily declaring six white men had gang-raped a 15-year-old black girl. Since the story was entirely fabricated, the victims of Limbaugh's words sued him for slander. A jury agreed and ordered Limbaugh to pay $345,000 for ten counts of defamation.

Not only did Limbaugh defy the court order and refuse to pay his victims, Limbaugh has never apologized for his racist defamation.

Limbaugh apparently didn't learn his lesson, because then in 1995 he led a hate-filled protest against a Jewish shopowner who wanted to evict a black-owned record store from a property he owned.

Limbaugh led intimidation protests aimed at bullying the landlord, bellowing through a megaphone "We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business" and declaring "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house"

That's when one of Limbaugh's listeners, acting on his words, burst into the shopowner's store, gunned down several customers and set the place on fire, killing seven employees.

So yeah, as long as he's in the room I hope the FCC forces this racist blowhard to publicly apologize for a career built on stereotyping, racist slurs, outright slander and fomenting violence.